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Parts by Number for Lock Washer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LOCK WASHER ASAP Semiconductor KOA Not Provided 804AD
LOCK WASHER UNF NO. 3 National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
LOCK WASHER National Microchip EXT TOOTH Not Provided #4 NOMAV061102
LOCK WASHER National Microchip EXTERNAL TOOTH Not Provided AV061102
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  • Good news for bad vibes
    Nord-Lock Inc., Muskegon, Mich. ( Each Nord-Lock washer is comprised of two stacked halves. On both outside mating surfaces are small radial teeth. The teeth prevent relative movement between the washer assembly and fastener and joint surfaces. Washers are hardened up to Rockwell C 53 (RC 53)so
  • Installation Components Data Sheet
    " – 13 spring nut. 100. Hex Nut. • 3/8 " – 16 and 1/2 " – 13 nuts. 61G38HXNUT 3/8 " – 16 nut. 100. 61G12HXNUT 1/2 " – 13 nut. 100. Flat Washer. • 3/8 " and 1/2 " flat washers. 61G38FLWASH 3/8 " flat washer. 100. 61G12FLWASH 1/2 " flat washer. 100. Lock Washer. • 3/8 " and 1/2 " lock washers
  • Guide to Vibration-Proof Fasteners
    patch (PFB) as well as the micro encapsulation precoat 80 patch (MVK), designed for thread locking. Fasteners designed specifically to cope with vibration include hex nuts with nylon inserts, jam nuts, lock nuts, slotted hex nuts, tooth lock washers, lock washers and spring washers. Again
  • How To Assemble and Install A HyperLink Brand Grid Antenna
    antenna. Parts include: Antenna feedhorn assembly. Stainless steel u-bolts with nuts and flat and lock washers. Mast clamps. Aluminum "L " bracket. Machine screws with nuts and flat and lock washers. And also the antenna reflector grid section halves. The 2-piece grid is simple to assemble
  • Rapid, Gentle Blending Maximizes Strength of Powder Metal Parts
    sulfide and dry lubricants) play important roles in products and equipment. In the U.S. automotive industry, nearly every car has about 25 lb (11 kg) of powdered metal parts ranging from timing gears to anti-lock breaking mechanisms. Powdered metal parts are also found in the drive gears and motors
  • Maintaining a Tight Grip
    loosening with an exceptional spring effect to compensate for loss of preload due to slackening, giving total security for those situations in which there can be no compromise. Read more. Wedge-locking solutions. Washers. Our original Nord-Lock washer, available in a wide range of sizes & materials
  • Four Things Engineers Must Know About Locking Fasteners to Keep Their Products and Careers in the Fast Lane
    including de-. In milling or turning, less material is sheared away in a. sign, assembly, warranty and liability. more open environment. Because the sheared chips. While many engineers gravitate toward lock. flow more freely and the coolant circulates better,. washers, prevailing torque fasteners
  • Task Lighting Design Guide
    . Applications. TTPRODUCTS.COM. A. requiring direct wired models usually use a. hex ferrule at the base, which has a 3/8 straight. pipe thread and is hex shaped for wrench. Hex Ferrule. tightening. The straight pipe thread mounts in a. .665 " hole and we have lock nuts and lock washers for "panel