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  • Health Monitoring of Plasma Facing Components in Fusion Devices using Lock-in Thermography (.pdf)
    Lock-in thermography has been used to control plasma facing component in Tore-Supra fusion device, during maintenance shutdown. The aim was to perform in-situ health monitoring with a non destructive examination device, to ensure that the cooling capabilities of the components are not reduced after
  • Implementing Digital Lock-In Amplifiers Using the dsPIC DSC
    to the "Microchip Graphics Library API" documentation included in the installer of the library. INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW OF THE GRAPHICS The proliferation of graphical interfaces in ordinary LIBRARY devices is becoming noticeable. As we go along our The Microchip Graphics Library was created to cover a daily
  • Medical Device Link .
    in mW or dBm. Wavelength can be measured from 500 to 900 nm with an approximately 2-nm tolerance. Offering an easy-to-read digital display, the handheld device is designed to be user-friendly. Data can be transmitted from the system using an RS-232 interface. The instrument is available from the company
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    marketing director Bruno Clement. When changeovers are required, they can be done rapidly using integrated "minute-change " pneumatic-lock sealing tools. The machine accommodates three types of port systems and roll widths, as well as single- and double-wound and tubular rolls. More than 100 programs can
  • Medical Device Link . Millennium Bug: Problem May Be Overstated, but Device Manufacturers Should Exercise Vigilance
    Does your medical device conceal a time bomb that is implacably ticking away until 31 December 1999 when it will . . . do what exactly? Continue operating normally? Or will it shut down, possibly endangering the life of a patient? No one is really sure how dramatically the millennium bug, also
  • Medical Device Link .
    Ultraminiature surface-mount toggle and pushbutton devices are available in single- or double-pole. The G3T and G3B series from ) feature the company 's sliding twin crossbar (STC) contact mechanism. The contacts are goldplated and wiped clean with every actuation, providing a smoother, positive
  • Medical Device Link .
    , according to the Joint Commission 's 2006 Sentinel Alert on tubing misconnections. Noninvasive blood pressure cuffs have been inadvertently connected to IV lines and enteral feeding tubes have been accidentally connected to IV lines, according to "Luer-lock Misconnects Can Be Deadly, " an article
  • Medical Device Link .
    , accommodates as many as seven moulding machines fitted with laminar hoods (pictured), and incorporates clean air conveyor feeds. A customized automatic air lock transfer to the final packing area is also featured. Clean Modules has also supported RPC Containers by supplying operating protocols
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice (continued)
    variations or the passage of time. 1050 Cindy Ln., Carpinteria, CA 93013. An assortment of more than 600 needles, tin caps, and covers for manual and air-operated dispensing systems is included in a single kit. Blunt, stainless-steel, nonsterile needles with plastic luer-lock hubs are supplied in lengths
  • Medical Device Link . Strain and Short-Term Creep Behavior of Thermoplastics in a Luer Taper Fitting Application
    The luer fitting or luer-lock fitting is among the most widely used connectors in the medical industry. Its purpose is to "connect two medical devices in a liquid-leak-proof and mechanically secure manner. " Applications for these male and female tapered, interlocking fittings include

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