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  • SeaLATCH TM Locking USB Cable Solution
    applications. However, the USB mechanical connector was designed to be quickly connected and disconnected and did not include a locking mechanism. As a result, accidental cable disconnection is the single most common point of failure with USB industrial I/O devices.
  • Medical Device Link .
    year, a company has shipped more than a dozen new safety product assembly machines to manufacturers of safety IV catheters, syringes, needles, and scalpels. Components such as springs, protective caps, locking devices, and self-destruct features that are currently
  • From Medical Equipment to Implants, Innovative Self-Locking Fasteners Safeguard Reliability
    Failure is not an option when it comes to medical equipment. From critical or sensitive devices like lasers, MRI scanners, knee joints, and implantable pacemakers to instruments as straightforward as stethoscopes, when life or quality of life is at stake, medical equipment must be reliable
  • UK Navy, T45 Destoyer
    Rolls-Royce will supply different packages of components to the T45 destroyers, for example the propulsion system, which includes a brake system. The brake system consists of Dellner Brakes well proven hydraulic disc brakes, a shaft turning- & locking device, hydraulic supply systems, customised
  • Selecting Keyless vs Keyed Connections for Motor to Gear Reducer (.pdf)
    the standard for shaft locking devices but also challenging motion component. manufacturers to evaluate methods of keyless shaft locking for dynamic loads. Motor and drive manufacturers are making products in smaller and smaller packages which are increasingly capable of rapid acceleration and rotary
  • Medical Device Link .
    stainless-steel, aluminum, and high-performance plastic cores. The material used for the handles is a custom-blended formulation allowing for specific hardness, texture, and color requirements. No-play ratcheting drivers, torque-limiting and torque-measuring instruments, and standard shaft quick-locking
  • Cruise Liner, Millenium
    torque. Also included as part of the brake system is a mechanical locking device unit on each propeller shaft.
  • Medical Device Link .
    It is difficult to talk about innovation without using comparative terms (as in faster, safer, better). After all, rewarding a product that improves delivery time, or that includes a locking system so patients can take it home, is what the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) are all about. So
  • Medical Device Link .
    syringe barrels. It can purge up to four 3-, 5-, 10-, or 30-cm3 syringes at a time. Safety features include a locking lid and an electric
  • Medical Device Link .
    spinal cage is that after the expandable device is installed (in a compressed position) it can be lengthened to move vertebral bodies apart. The device is then locked in the expanded position. One of the challenges Cross faced in designing an expandable device was devising a locking mechanism

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