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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
78211329458-1 Carlton-Bates Company EATON Locking Devices Pushbutton Padlockable Hasp/Flip-Up Guard 10250T
78211322354-1 Carlton-Bates Company EATON Locking Devices Pushbutton Padlockable Attachment 10250T
78211321853-1 Carlton-Bates Company EATON Locking Devices Pushbutton Padlockable Attachment E30
78040098502-1 Carlton-Bates Company IDEC Locking Devices Pushbutton Padlockable Cover HW

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  • Safety Switches: TP Series, Solenoid Locking
    the confidence of cus-. tomers all over the world. Quality – made by EUCHNER. 2. Table of contents. Safety switches NP/GP/TP. General Information. 4. Safety switches NP.../GP... without guard-locking device. 6. Advantages and features. 6. Sample applications. 7. Series NP... 1, 2 and 3 contact
  • SeaLATCH TM Locking USB Cable Solution
    applications. However, the USB mechanical connector was designed to be quickly connected and disconnected and did not include a locking mechanism. As a result, accidental cable disconnection is the single most common point of failure with USB industrial I/O devices.
  • EMKA Electronic Locking & Monitoring: System Summary
    points have been entered. Other sensors that give the. output required by the Sensor Module are easily integrated into the system. 4. EMKA® Electronic Locking & Monitoring. SMOKE ALARM 3000-U34. The smoke sensor can used as an early fire detection device. This connects to a sensor module. DOOR SWITCH
  • From Medical Equipment to Implants, Innovative Self-Locking Fasteners Safeguard Reliability
    PR Information Contact: Lisa Zocco, Power PR. Phone (310) 787-1940. Fax (310) 787-1970. E-mail: From Medical Equipment to Implants,. Innovative Self-Locking Fasteners Safeguard Reliability. Medical device manufacturers are securing their products against. shock, vibration
  • Medical Device Link .
    year, a company has shipped more than a dozen new safety product assembly machines to manufacturers of safety IV catheters, syringes, needles, and scalpels. Components such as springs, protective caps, locking devices, and self-destruct features that are currently. MPMN - May 2005 - Outsourcing
  • UK Navy, T45 Destoyer
    Rolls-Royce will supply different packages of components to the T45 destroyers, for example the propulsion system, which includes a brake system. The brake system consists of Dellner Brakes well proven hydraulic disc brakes, a shaft turning- & locking device, hydraulic supply systems, customised
  • Selecting Keyless vs Keyed Connections for Motor to Gear Reducer (.pdf)
    the standard for shaft locking devices but also challenging motion component. manufacturers to evaluate methods of keyless shaft locking for dynamic loads. Motor and drive manufacturers are making products in smaller and smaller packages which are increasingly capable of rapid acceleration and rotary
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The resin creates a "biobarrier " to pathogens because bacteria are unable to spread across the resin and into an open wound. Figure 2. System allows catheters to be positioned easily around a patient's torso and limbs for drug administration. Locking device. A previous article1 discussed
  • Medical Device Link .
    OEMs that have been designed to incorporate springs, protective caps, locking devices, self-destruct features, and related parts into medical assemblies. The firm provides automated assembly and processing equipment to manufacturers of safety IV catheters, syringes, needles, scalpels, and other
  • Selecting Spring Loaded Devices
    be aligned or fixed into a determined relative position. There are countless uses for positioning and locking components. They are used in workholding applications, as well as for indexing, latching, ejecting, and even electrical contacts. Let’s examine the various types of components

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