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Parts by Number for Locking Nozzle Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
B2948 Tequipment.Net Hakko Not Provided BUTTON,LOCK RELEASE,NOZZLE,FM-2024

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  • Security of Flight Doors Improved Through Use of MTI-2100 Fotonic Sensor
    NTSB safety records point to numerous incidents involving cockpit door locking/unlocking mechanisms, either accidentally opening/closing or not operating fast enough upon command. In the assembly and testing of these door locking mechanisms, a reliable and repeatable method was needed to determine
  • Medical Device Link .
    stainless-steel, aluminum, and high-performance plastic cores. The material used for the handles is a custom-blended formulation allowing for specific hardness, texture, and color requirements. No-play ratcheting drivers, torque-limiting and torque-measuring instruments, and standard shaft quick-locking
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    the screw. The S-series units incorporate many of the features found on Husky's E- and G-series machines. A hydromechanical clamp has a bayonet-style locking mechanism attached to the clamp piston. This design eliminates the shut-height adjustment on the tie bars and reduces the maintenance required
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    . The resin creates a "biobarrier " to pathogens because bacteria are unable to spread across the resin and into an open wound. Figure 2. System allows catheters to be positioned easily around a patient's torso and limbs for drug administration. Locking device. A previous article1 discussed
  • Medical Device Link . Packaging Technology for Miniature IVD Instrumentation
    . When two complementary structures are pushed together, the fastening fins of each structure open slightly to accommodate the incoming fins of its opposite. Friction between the side walls, and the restoring force of the displaced fins, create a locking mechanism that holds both structures in place
  • Product Highlight: NET/MASS (R) Liquid Filling Machines
    and pressure systems also available. Heavy duty stainless steel stand with locking casters allows for easy portability. Footswitch control and built-in cycle timer for semi-automatic operation. Call now for a quick response to your application questions. Call 800-658-3622 or 716-874-3000. Air Requirements
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    controlled machine, distributed in the UK by STV Ltd (Milton Keynes, UK), produces high volumes to close tolerances in shot weights from 0.01 -15g, says AKI. The product range includes screws, needles, valves, pilot jets and nozzles, locking levers, lenses, luer plugs and diaphragm plates (see
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    locking to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries and cross-. contamination of healthcare providers and patients. See a demonstration video of this product here. Uresta continence care kit, manufactured and submitted by EastMed Inc. (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). The Uresta continence care kit
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    piece. The valve is available in polypropylene, PVDF, and PVC, and features end connections for bead- and crevice-free infrared socket and butt fusion. Other features include an optional locking handwheel, position indicator, and threaded mounting inserts. George Fischer Inc., 2882 Dow Ave., Tustin
  • Medical Device Link . Injection-Molded Polyester Medical Devices: Preventing Failure through the Proper Design of Parts and Molds
    323.) Designing for Proper Ejection. Once a part is molded, ejecting it from the tool without damaging it or the tool is important. Zero degree draft is not recommended, as it can cause a part to remain in the mold, locking it up. It can also increase the cost of the mold significantly due

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