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  • Engineer's Assistant Using a PIC16F84A

    This compact instrument is intended to be a digital laboratory tool for hardware and, in some cases, software debugging. It contains four instruments in one unit: logic probe, single channel logic state analyzer, frequency counter and serial code receiver. The only chip used is a PIC16F84A running

  • TA-MS Connection Optimisation and Improved Data Interpretation (.pdf)

    To optimise TA-MS equipment : New equipment can be configured with optimum connections. Existing systems should be connected through customised couplings. Novel methods are available e.g. the direct solid insertion probe. Data interpretation and methods : Library search, linear combination, matrix

  • SmartMoves TM Spotlights: University of California Observatories (.pdf)

    Research Unit of the University of. California (UC). As part of their quest, the UCO team is working on creating the first comprehensive map of the distant universe. Called the Deep Extragalactic Evolutionary Probe (DEEP), this multi-year program uses twin 10-m W.M. Keck Telescopes located in Hawaii

  • Agilent: Five Hints for Debugging Microcontroller-Based Designs

    output for an SPI interface. as traditional logic analyzers and. emulators). At the same time, you’re. Hint 3: Monitoring a digital motor. probably dealing with a mix of analog. speed controller. and digital signals, so a scope by. Using an AC/DC current probe. itself or a logic analyzer by itself

  • Medical Device Link .

    with a probe. By 1958, battery-powered pacemakers were being implanted. Implantable pacers are now considered a mature product (approximately 150,000 annually are installed), with implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) not far behind. To date, more than one million people on the planet have been

  • Medical Device Link .

    . The product’s fluid flow rate reaches up to 4 ml/min with a 40-Hz maximum pump frequency allowing a pulsation-free flow. With a width of 11 mm, the unit can be mounted with standard bodies configured for surface-mount or tube connections. Applications include microdosing, probe preparation, syringe

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  • circuit diagram needed

    of the the very kind, grateful people, who feel happy to do a deed of kindness I ask a favour: how may I have schematic circuit diagrams for a logic probe and a heat activated fire alarm circuit.

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Ametek Solartron Metrology
Lever Probe

Solartron's Digital Lever Probe has been conceived for the precision measurement market. Its simple design and exceptional reliability result in a reduced cost of ownership without any reduction in performance. Due to its cylindrical housing geometry, the Lever Probe can be mounted in any attitude relative to the intended target. It can be mounted via the use of 8 mm peg or industry standard dovetail mounting blocks, or clamped directly into a 9.52 mm mounting hole. With a measurement range...

Magnetic Shield Corporation
AC Field Evaluator Probe

This field evaluator probe can be used with a digital volt meter (DVM) or oscilloscope to measure AC magnetic field intensities and attenuation ratios. Each probe is carefully calibrated with the calibration number shown on the probe. Probe is accurate for direct measurements from 10Hz to 3000Hz in Transverse directions. Includes BNC Connector. Transverse directional - 60 millivolts peak per Gauss at 60 Hertz.

Aries Electronics, Inc.

Bristol, PA - March 10. 2014 - Aries Electronics, a US manufacturer of standard, programmed and custom interconnection products, burn-in and test sockets used worldwide, announced today at the BiTS Conference Workshop in Mesa, AZ, the introduction of its unique Protect-A-Probe ™ anti-diffusion, gold coating for its complete line of burn-in and test socket spring-probes. The Protect-A Probe ™ coating is designed to lessen or eliminate the need for probe cleaning, by applying its...