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Parts by Number for Logic Test Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
72-500 Newark / element14 TENMA Not Provided TENMA - 72-500 - TEST; IC LOGIC

Conduct Research Top

  • Logic Powered Serial EEPROMs
    the voltage and current for all memory functions, READ, ERASE, and WRITE. Obviously, not all memory or peripheral devices could be powered thusly, but Microchip?s SEE devices will function in this environment. Logic Powered Serial EEPROMs. AN535. Logic Powered Serial EEPROMs. Authore: Richard J. Fisher
  • Reducing Parametric Test Costs with Faster, Smarter Parallel Test Techniques
    converters, as well as. its own embedded real-time logic processors and communications channels. • The test execution environment must be multi-threaded. A G r e a t e r M e a s u r e o f C o n f i d e n c e. Test structure design is another important consideration when attempting to get the. maximum
  • Socket-Adapter Systems: A Practical Test Alternative (.pdf)
    for field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and programmable logic devices (PLDs) as the trend toward convergence in cell phones and other portable devices con¬tinues. 60620-195.indd S O C K E T S. Socket-adapter. Systems: A Practical. Test Alternative. AN INNOVATIVE, SPACE-SAVING APPROACH
  • Automated Test Platform
    Automated test platforms are designed to check chips make sure they work, and if so, how well (usually how fast) they perform. Automated test platforms are usually specialized as either memory chip testers, digital logic chip testers, or analog chip testers, though some of the more sophisticated
  • Capacitance Set Point Stability During Random Vibration Test
    the bellows pulls the capacitor towards maximum capacitance, it makes sense that any drive screw drift (motion) caused by vibration would tend to increase the capacitance of the unit. Since the test with the low friction thrust bearing produced a result that defies this logic, the probability
  • Agilent: Automotive Electronic Functional Test Using Agilent System Components
    /performance. In some. cases, when it is undesirable to have a PC on a production. line for security reasons, equipment can be controlled. by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), which use. ladder logic to achieve control, but this can be difficult. to do since test instruments normally need to have
  • Medical Device Link . New Test Equipment Offers Less Bulk, More Versatility
    that's more compact than the combination of switching relays and logic circuitry found in larger benchtop testers. Millican sees a trend toward test systems that are easy to handle. "We've found that most customers like to have lighter-weight, more-portable test equipment," he says. But buyers beware
  • Using Digital I/O: Adding Common I/O Features to Your Tests
    of the digital I/O capability follow these three steps. Step 1. Purchase the Upgraded easy-wire software which includes the Virtual I/O Package. (Part # SIO-EW). Step 2. Purchase (Direct Logic DL05 Micro PLC) hardware from Direct Logic (Click Here for link to Direct Logic web page). Step 3. Visit