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    ...connectors are used in private and public networks, and are gaining in popularity due to their small form factor (SFF) optical transmitter/receiver assemblies. Image Loopback connectors are used in testing transceiver systems... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Modular connectors and RJ connectors includes two similar, yet distinct styles of connectors. Modular connectors are made of "plug-in units" which can be added together to make the system larger, improve the capabilities, or expand its size. Registered Jack (RJ) is a telephone and data jack application specific connector registered with the FCC. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Plug and socket - connects plug (male end) consisting of one or more pins into a socket (female end). They provide easy connecting without tools. With multi-pin connectors, a pinout diagram is sometimes helpful. Connections include network cable, USB... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Fiber optic attenuators are devices that reduce signal power in fiber optic links by inducing a fixed or variable loss. They are used to control the power level of optical signals at the outputs of light sources and electrical-to-optical (E/O) converters. They are also used to test the linearity and dynamic range of photo sensors and photo detectors. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    FDDI, LC, loopback, MTP, MT-RJ, MU, SC, SMA, and ST. Chart Credit: L-Com. Some fiber optic cable comes without connectors. More information on fiber optic connectors is available on the How to Select Fiber Optic Connectors guide. Applications. Fiber... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    IEEE 1394 connectors are used to connect FireWire (R) devices such as host controllers, adapters, hard drives, hubs, repeaters, and card readers. FireWire, a registered trademark of Apple Computer, is a communications protocol for the transmission of data, video, and audio over a single cable at very high bit rates. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Power connectors transfer AC or DC through a variety of electronic devices and are used in a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Power connectors range from simple AC or DC inlets and outlets to sophisticated power entry modules Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Phone jacks and plugs are connectors used with telephones. They are also known as modular jacks (female) and modular plugs (male). Search by Specification | Learn More
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    USB connectors are used with universal serial bus (USB) ports. They can be used to connect USB products together, or to connect USB wires and peripherals to other standard port types. Search by Specification | Learn More

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IP400E   Acromag, Inc. IndustryPack ® Modules The IP400 can monitor the on/off (high/low) status of up to 40 devices. Loopback monitoring of critical control signals is easily accomplished with the IP400 by reading the output states of Acromag ’s IP405 Output Module. The two modules share the same field interface pinouts for direct...
ISL41387   Techwell, Inc. IC Interfaces Differential VOUT for Improved Noise Immunity in RS-485, RS-422 Networks. Full Failsafe (Open/Short) Rx in RS-485, RS-422 Mode. Loopback Mode Facilitates Board Self Test Functions. User Selectable RS-485 Data Rates 20Mbps. Slew Rate Limited 460kbps. Slew Rate Limited (ISL41387 Only) 115kbps. Fast RS-232 Data...

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• Framer Comments. • PCB. Layout. • Performance Data. • Test. Methods. • Conclusion. BBBBB. 5-3. Circuit Interfaces. Reference Design Basic Function. The basic reference design’s circuit is of a loop-back configuration. A high-speed, serial. 622 MBd optical signal is sent to the circuit board where...

...analyze just the serial portion of. serializer/deserializer/clock. Circuit Interfaces. the circuit. This is called the. recovery/clock generation. SerDes Comments. Facility Loopback Mode of the. integrated circuit (SerDes IC). Framer Comments. SerDes IC. Control signals for the. along...

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