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  • Application: Coolant System Liquid Levels on Refrigerated Trucks (.pdf)
    . Applications. • Monitoring coolant levels on board refrigerated. trucks. • Monitoring any liquid levels from a side entry. point. Figure 3. Coolant Tank Low- Level Sensor switch is open and dash indicator lamp is lit. ME. M D. E E. D R. E ’. R s. ’. s LS. L. S Se. S r. e i. r e. i s. e. s Fl. F o. l a. o t. a.
  • Application: Automobile Brake Fluid Level Sensor (.pdf)
    Designing a sensing system for under the hood of a vehicle presents difficult requirements. The sensor must operate at extreme temperatures that are as low as -40°C and as high as 125°C. Microsoft Word - Brake Fluid Level Sensor.doc Br. B a. r k. a e. k. e F. l. F ui. u d. d L. e. L v. e e. v
  • The Development of a RTD Temperature Sensor for Exhaust Applications (.pdf)
    . INTRODUCTION. Thermocouples can be relatively low cost sensors (if. With emissions regulations becoming more stringent,. using type K) as compared with thermistors or RTDs. improved control on existing and new emissions devices. However, the electrical system is significantly more. are becoming necessary
  • Proximity sensors for stamping dies
    sensors detect metal objects using electromagnetic induction, the material being detected, size of the target, and the physical conditions near the die all help determine sensor types. Physical conditions include the presence of weld fields, high or low-temperature extremes, possibility of RFI
  • Application: Automobile Brake Float Level Sensor (.pdf)
    is. maintained at its proper level. Low brake fluid level could mean the loss of the. vehicle braking system. Figure 1. Complete Brake Float Level Sensor. Features. • All inclusive brake fluid sensor complete with. switching element (Reed Switch), Float, and. magnet. • Hermetically sealed. • Dynamically
  • New Gas Sensors Simplify Power Plant Leak Detection
    Most large electrical generating equipment has a pressurized direct or indirect hydrogen cooling system for the generator. Hydrogen conducts heat 7 times better than aire, making it an ideal coolant for the generators. Its low density (0.07 relative to air of 1.0) minimizes windage losses, as long
  • Compressed Air Versus Blowers -The Real Truth
    and their special. designed profile and shape entrains ambient air, essentially converting pressure to flow, minimizing energy. loss and reducing noise levels. They convert high pressure to low pressure and flow. The operating cost is. only the energy used. They can go on and off as required using solenoid
  • New Nylon Family from DuPont Delivers Superior Aging Resistance (.pdf)
    with groundbreaking levels of resistance to chemicals, hot air, oil and coolant. Comprehensive research shows that, in comparison to traditionally stabilized nylons, the lifetime of com-. ponents can be significantly extended. This, along with other benefits, such as low warpage and an. excellent surface aspect
  • Advances in Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Meter Accuracy (.pdf)
    design family. As RTD’s improved,. manufacturers migrated toward precision platinum wound, low mass designs. Over time, production. techniques evolved to enable closer tolerances, which made matching two RTD’s a more tightly. controlled process. As most modern Thermal designs operate on a differential

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