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Parts by Number for Low Dropout Linear Regulator Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LT1764AEQ-1.5TRPBF ASAP Semiconductor LINEAR Not Provided IC LT1764AEQ-1.5 LOW NOISE/DROPOUT REGULATOR, 3A Output Current,
LT1129IST-5#PBF ASAP Semiconductor LINEAR Not Provided 700mA Micropower Low Dropout Regulator with Shutdown

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  • DC/DC Converters With Linear Regulators
    an. low dropout linear regulator. It should be obvious that the out-. unregulated voltage source and a load. Linear regulators are. put of the linear regulator is lower than the output of the con-. used to provide voltage stability (regulation) for the load. How-. verter by at least the dropout
  • Voltage Regulators
    for each regulator. 3. Internally set output voltages to )1%. 4. Low dropout for both regulators (typically less than 1.2V). 5. Many output voltage combinations available (contact the factory). 6. Internal short circuit current limit. MSK 5010 Series. 1. Fixed output voltages at 3.3V, 5.0V and 12.0V
  • DC/DC Conversion
    additional features: over-current protection, thermal protection and reversed polarity protection to name a few. Microchip offers a line of CMOS, low dropout linear regulators. A low dropout regulator is a type of linear regulator designed to minimize the saturation voltage of the output transistor
  • The lowdown on lowdropout regulators
    Voltage regulators that maintain output control almost to the supply rail operate cooler and increase efficiency. Low-dropout regulators like this MCP1726 from Microchip Technology create a self-contained power regulator for embedded microprocessors. The MCP1726 maintains regulation within 150 mV
  • Understanding Startup Surge Current With MSK's RH1573 Based Rad Hard LDO Regulators
    , 5820RH, 5821RH, 5822RH, 5823RH, 5824RH, 5825RH,. 5826RH, 5827RH, 5950RH, and 5951RH are part of the growing line of MS Kennedy’s. radiation hardened regulators built around Linear Technology’s RH1573 radiation. hardened controller IC. Each regulator in the series utilizes the same basic power stage
  • MCP1701 vs MCP1701A vs MCP1702 Technical Brief
    the initial release of the MCP1701 2 µA Low 150°C. The LDO will remain shutdown until the junction Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator, Microchip temperature has cooled to the typical turn-on junction Technology Inc. has been addressing customer temperature of 130°C. At that point, the LDO will turn
  • LDO Thermal Considerations
    with very low input/output voltage differentials, hence the name "low dropout regulators" or LDOs. LDOs specify maximum output current and input voltage limits, but blindly operating the LDO within these limits will surely result in exceeding the maximum power dissipation capability.
  • Ripple and Noise Measurements with DC/DC Switch-Mode Power Supplies
    are recommended for the low noise levels typical found with non-switching low dropout linear reg. ulators (LDGs). The measurement examples will focus on SMPS buck (step-dawn) low voltage regulators.

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