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  • Capacitor Engineering Bulletin: Polarization and Leakage Current Characterizations of High Voltage, Film Capacitors
    of the. S. S. S. (ESL). (ESR). capacitor, or the value of the ESR at a. particular AC frequency (e.g. 100 kHz),. V. usually measured with a bridge, LCR. meter, or impedance analyzer at about. I. 1 V. These are definitions which make. δ. ωCS. it easy to measure the ESR but may be. θ. inadequate to describe
  • Using Microchip's Micropower LDOs
    cost and size. Ceramics combine. The SOT-23-5 and SOT-23-6 packages have a worst-. excellent ESR with relatively small size. However, the. case θJA of 220°C/W when mounted on a single-layer. ESR of ceramic capacitors sometimes can be too low,. FR4 dielectric copper-clad PC board. This θJA can
  • Understanding Ring Generators
    , the only difference is the AC outlet provides 110 to 220VAC at 60Hz or 50Hz. The ring generator typically provides 45 to 90VAC at different frequencies. The low frequency is needed for electromechanical bell telephones. Old telephone sets equipped with these mechanical bells use a large inductor
  • Thermomechanical Working of AL-6XN© Alloy for High Strength Corrosion Resistant Applications (.pdf)
    AL-6XN (R) alloy is a low carbon, high purity nitrogen bearing "super-austenitic" stainless alloy. The high strength and corrosion resistance of annealed AL-6XN alloy make it a better choice than conventional duplex stainless steels and a cost-effective alternative to more expensive nickel-base
  • DC/DC Converter Controller Using a PICmicro Microcontroller
    include battery chargers, elec-. put. An electrolytic capacitor with a low ESR (Equiva-. tronic air purifiers, emergency exit signs, and distrib-. lent Series Resistance) is desirable for capacitor C1. uted power systems. In some cases, the output ripple of the converter may. In some of those
  • Compact Filtering for High Current & High Frequency Applications (Part 2)
    at this dip. An X7R ceramic filter,. shown in red, will generally continue to increase performance as frequencies go. higher. High current low-pass feedthrough capacitors are used to pass high currents. through a shielding enclosure. This can eliminate further propagation of unwanted. electrical energy

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