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  • Implementing Ultrasonic Ranging
    the source. In this implementation, the. Object ranging is essential in many types of systems. sound wave is transmitted and received from the same. One of the most popular ranging techniques is. transducer. Therefore, a blanking interval is required. ultrasonic ranging. Ultrasonic ranging is used
  • How Ultrasonic Flowmeters Work (.pdf)
    and. the pipe lining. The transmitter’s signal threshold usually adjusts to filter out mechanical and. electrical noise. Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Sensor. A high-frequency oscillator in the transmitter drives the transducer, which, in the popular. clamp-on design, mounts on the pipe exterior. The transducer
  • Fatigue Life Improvement of Tubular Welded Joints by Ultrasonic Peening .(pdf)
    . Also, relatively low-amplitude. ultrasonic waves leave no residual effects on the physical properties of metals after acoustic. irradiation is stopped [18]. Fig 4. Stress vs. elongation for aluminum single crystals [18]: dashed curves - during ultrasonic irradiation, solid curves - no ultrasound
  • Application of Ultrasonic Peening for Fatigue Life Improvement of Automotive Welded Wheels
    that is based on a piezoelectric transducer. Weight of the tool is ~3 kg. and it is convenient for use. A number of working head types were designed for different. industrial applications. 2. An ultrasonic generator with low power consumption. The weight of the generator is ~. 2 kg. The output frequency
  • Advances in Hand-Held Ultrasonic Thickness Gages with Live Color Waveforms (A-Scan) (.pdf)
    is. possible. Ultrasound can be used on most engineering materials such as steel, aluminum,. glass, plastics, composites and rubber. Ultrasound, by its very name, means high. frequency sound. In the case of conventional ultrasonic thickness gages, the sound does. not pass through air. As such, a fluid
  • Optimizing Low Profile Vibratory Screen Separator Performance
    applications. The high-tech method of screen deblinding is to induce a second high frequency vibration. directly to the screen cloth. This is accomplished with Ultrasonic transducers or
  • Fiber Optic Lever Displacement Transducers: Principles, Improvements, & Applications
    sensors, the intensity modulated Fiber Optic Lever Displacement Transducer offers a powerful combination of simplicity, performance, versatility, and low cost, which make it well suited for a wide variety of laboratory and industrial applications. The basic principle employed in the Fiber Optic Lever
  • Optimizing Your Ultrasonic Cleaner: Getting the Best Results From Your Benchtop Cleaner
    energy is generated by an electrical power supply and applied to heavy duty, industrial piezoelectric transducers. These transducers convert this electrical energy to high frequency mechanical energy vibrating at a rate of 40,000 times per second, producing alternating high and low pressure waves within

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