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  • Solder
    For this reason, it is important for the filler metal to have a lower melting point than the metals being joined. ..."reasonably permanent" seal, meaning that the joint should hold unless the seal is intentionally reversed by desoldering . The image below shows the manual soldering of a stripped wire .
  • Technical Guide Electronic control gear fluorescent lamps compact |
    ...operated over long periods supply voltage greater than fail result overheating. supply voltage greater than QUICKTRONIC® ECGs would expected fail. such cases, damage comprise more following: destruction varistor, tripping fuse overheating transistors (insulating foil melted , transistor tarnished desoldered ) swelling both windings both... ...have been overloaded mains side while other units will have been under loaded low -load phase will... ...this response leads current overload mains filter chokes. first sign discoloration varnished copper wire inductance coils board...
  • Practical Electronics/Need to Have
    Also known as eutectic solder, it has the lowest melting point of any combination of tin and lead. ...solder for work with modern surface-mount components, as a large-gauge solder wire can cause one... To de-solder them, desoldering braid (e.g., "Soder-Wick") is very useful.
  • Area Array Packaging Handbook: Manufacturing and Assembly > LEAD-FREE SYSTEMS AND PROCESS IMPLICATIONS
    tronic components to perform reliably but low enough that the fabrication of these components is in a... There is a clearly defined eutectic composition that melts cleanly and rapidly at 183┬░C. Tin-lead alloys are malleable and easy to form into wire , powder, and spheres. ...normally soldered into packages at higher temperatures than normal eutectic solder to avoid desoldering of the package...
  • A cryostat for point contact and tunnelling measurements in a magnetic field
    We used a low melting solder (Cerellow) to connect the vacuum can to the threaded flange which gives a good vacuum when immersed in liquid helium. The tubes and the wiring pass through a hole in the threaded flange into the experimental chamber. ...soldered to the brass bush of the helium pot (seefigure I) for ease of desoldering if necessary.
    In contrast, high tin (Sn) content formulations tend to have lower melting temperatures, superior wetting characteristics, and greater shear strength, but can sometimes exhibit brittleness or joint fatigue. ...latter compo- nents all tend to have relatively high physical profiles which restrict wire bonding access to... ...difficult to rework wire bonds on semiconductors after the defective components have been desoldered , because this removal...
  • ZCP2002ISTFA505
    On the Au side, the temperature is much higher since Au was melted to form a ball at the wire bonder head. ...relatively thick (usually more than 5 um), depletion of Ni(P) and subsequent desoldering is not a... Low temp .

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