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Conditions. Lamination at room temperature. Results. •. Very good ultimate adhesion levels. •. Temporary repositionability from mounting substrates. •. Very easy to laminate. Benefits. •. Ease of conversion. •. High temperature resistance. •. Medium to low out-gassing. •. APEO free emulsion...

-to-metal seals with a leak rate of less than 10-8 He/cm3/sec of He at STP. It was thought that, at this low level of leakage of a small atom such as helium, the exclusion of moisture and its corrosive effects would be assured. Hermeticity has been defined in various ways; for example, as "the state...

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DuPont? Pyralux® AP copper-clad laminate
Low outgassing, NASA data available UL 94 V-0 flammability rating with 180°C maximum operating temperature

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Low Pressure Copper Pre-Preg Advanced Circuit Substrate Materials EMI Shielding Laminate Adhesives and Conductive Sealants
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501FL and 502FL Data Page.qxd
excellent adhesion to many substrates substrates ??? Low outgassing and ionics ??? Low outgassing and ionics Application Ideas ??? 3M??? Ultra-clean
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Xilinx UG112 Device Package User Guide

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XAPP426: Implementing Xilnx Flip Chip BGA Packages
conductive bumps connecting directly to the matching metal pads on the laminate substrate.
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Public Lessons Learned Entry: 0689
angles in the laminate are oriented to satisfy application design requirements (stiffness, strength, thermal expansion, etc.). Laminate
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Laminated Electroformed Shape Memory Composite for Deployable...

Advanced Circuit Materials Division 100 S. Roosevelt Avenue...
RT/duroid ? Low outgassing; Ideal for space applications.

RT/duroid® 6002, 6202, 6006, 6010 PTFE/Ceramic Laminates
Low outgassing: ideal for space applications

Tooling for Composites
etc), male tooling is F normally preferred ? Generally produces best laminate quality ? Easier to remove parts M Exceptions exist: ? Female tools for
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