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    RF Low Pass Filters - (86 companies) the total RF power transmission loss resulting from the insertion of a device in a transmission line. Insertion loss is the ratio of signal power at the output of the inserted device to the signal power at its input. Voltage standing wave ratio... Search by Specification | Learn More
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MAX1472 DS
Supply Current IDD mA VENABLE = VDD 5.7 (Note 2) VENABLE = VDD, fRF = 433MHz 9.6 VDATA = VDD VENABLE = VDD, 1.7 2.7 VDATA = 0V VENABLE < VIL, TA <
See Digi-Key Corporation Profile & Catalog

MAX1473 DS
Error : Bad color 19-2748; Rev 6; 1/12 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE 315MHz/433MHz ASK Superheterodyne Receiver with Extended Dynamic Range MAX1473
See Digi-Key Corporation Profile & Catalog

Car Access Automotive Application
Low Power High Performance Touch Wireless
See Atmel Corporation Profile & Catalog

ATA5749 ATA5749C
Upon power up, CLK output remains low until the amplitude detector of the crystal oscillator detects sufficient amplitude and XTO_RDY and CLK_ON are
See Digi-Key Corporation Profile & Catalog

Single-Chip Low Cost Low Power RF-Transceiver (Rev. D)
ACP Adjacent Channel Power MSK Minimum Shift Keying ADC Analog to Digital Converter N/A Not Applicable AFC Automatic Frequency Compensation NRZ Non
See Newark / element14 Profile & Catalog

MSP430&#153;16-bit Ultra-Low Power MCUs - 4 Series with LCD -...
(ACTIVE) 16-Bit Ultra-Low-Power MCU, 60kB Flash, 2048B RAM, 12-Bit ADC, 2 USARTs HW Multiplier, 160 Seg LCD
See Texas Instruments Analog Automotive and Transportation Information

Johanson Technology High Frequency Ceramic Capacitor Solutions
Low Pass Filters Power Dividers RF Inductors
See Johanson Technology, Inc. Information

PalmPilotKiosk I: Wireless Local Network for Palmtop Computers... [14 Radiometrix Ltd. Low Power UHF Data Transceiver Module BiM-433-F. Sept. 1995.

Low power modulator for the application of capsule endoscope
Low power modulator for the application of capsule endoscope

A 3.3 &#x00B5;W dual-modulus frequency divider with 189%...
Item Abstract: This paper presents the design and simulated performance of an ultra-low-power 4/5 frequency divider based on a CMOS ring oscillator.

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