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  • How to Deal With Pre-Charge Loss in Bladder Accumulators Due to Gas Permeation (.pdf)
    into the circuit. A poppet valve, normally. used in the system. The No. 2 consideration. held open by spring pressure, prevents the. is the application temperature range. bladder from extruding out of the fluid port. BLADDER COMPOUNDS FOR LOW. Bladder accumulators provide the following. TEMPERATURE
  • Miniature Shock Absorbers Decelerate Big Loads at Low Speeds
    A line of miniature shock absorbers decelerates heavy loads moving at low velocities, offering increased energy per cycle. The SC2 Heavyweight II Series from ACE Controls Inc., Farmington Hills, Mich., delivers up to 950% of the effective weight capacity of conventional shocks. The design combines
  • Protecting subsea hydraulic systems
    , accommodate fluid expansion or. provide damping for pressure transients. Accumulators are typically positioned on the. high-pressure side of a system, whereas similar devices on the low-pressure side are. referred to as reservoirs. For this discussion, the term accumulator refers to both device. types
  • Medical Device Link . High-Speed Injection Molding of Thin-Wall Polycarbonate Tubes
    Demands for low cost, light weight, and miniaturization, along with restrictive engineering parameters, have forced many medical device designs into product envelopes that push the limits of moldability. For example, in endoscopic surgery, thinner-wall cannulae (tubes) are now being required
  • Oscillating Piston Pumps, Principle of Operation
    . This movement creates a low pressure in the suction chamber which opens the valve (2) set in the suction connection (1). The liquid is sucked into the pump and the cycle starts again, 60 times per second (at 60 Hz). Oscillating Piston Pumps - Liquid Pumps - Clark Solutions. PUMPS > > LIQUID PUMPS
  • Water Hammer: Causes and Preventative Measures
    valves, are considered fast-closing. • Use pipe with a higher pressure rating. For example, DR 26 HDPE pipe is rated for 65 psi, whereas DR 11. HDPE is rated for 160 psi. • Air valves are often used to remediate low pressures at high points in the pipeline by admitting air into. the line to reduce
  • Medical Device Link .
    , high-performance, and low-cost metal components. Over the last five years, enhancements to traditional metal injection molding (MIM) techniques have led to a cost-efficient way to mass produce these types of intricate components out of stainless steel and other advanced metals. This improved
  • Sample System Design and Diaphragm Pumps
     at . . 1. SECTION 1: . PUMP LOCATION / SAMPLE LINE SIZE .  . A sample pump is required if process pressure is too low to provide adequate pressure for . measurement.  Location of pump and selection of line size are the most important factors when . dealing with low pressure samples

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