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  • Specifying Motionless Mixers
    or gravity. While most motionless mixers are constructed from carbon steel or steel, they can be built from almost any construction material. The best motionless mixer is the one that delivers the mixing queue desired at the lowest pressure drop, for lowest installed cost and fits in the space
  • Star Feeders and Rotary Airlocks
    Star feeders or rotary airlocks consist of a paddle wheel-shaped rotor that rotates at low rpm to dispense material into a hopper or process unit (e.g., crushers, screener, and mixers). If the blades form a tight seal against the valve wall, the valves can be applied in airlock applications
  • How to choose a good tank cleaning nozzle
    . efficiency and reliability.  Cosmetic industry. have emerged from our. High cleaning capability.  Pharmaceutical industry. engineering work. at low-pressure.  Bioengineering.  Agricultural engineering. Optimizing the cleaning. Thanks to the cutting-edge.  Paper industry. process. technology
  • Glass Fiber Comparison Table
    (sec)*. Gas Collection Efficiency (%). Pressure Drop (mm H ^2O/5cm/sec). Max Op. Temp. ( C). Binder. Characteristics. Grade A Borosilicate. 1.5. 0.3. 55. 12. n/a. n/a. 550. None. Precipitate proteins and cell filtration. Grade B Borosilicate. 1.0. 0.65. 140. 30. n/a. n/a. 550. None. Collection
  • Choosing Manifolds For Mould Cooling
    for water manifolds on most mould cooling applications. They are lightweight and are easily customized. They have high burst pressures and low true cost of ownership. Moulders are on a continuous quest to enjoy the real benefits of shorter cycle times and increased overall efficiency
  • Fibrous Slurry Heating
    . operation. Inline direct steam injection heaters have a low pressure. demand. drop across the heater which minimizes energy demand on the. Developing a successful pretreatment strategy is obtainable. slurry pumps and limits flow disruptions to the slurry. and can be achieved by using available planning
  • API Pipeline Interface Detection Application Brief (.pdf)
    -. •. tation and control systems. One example of the uncer-. pulp slurry conductivity. tainty of the hand sampling method is that it measures. •. pressure drop caused by flow through a fixed length. all solids in the mixture, not just the fiber. Many other. of pipe. solids may be added to the mixture
  • Bleach plant performance
    . The after mixer residual is only used when a high or low limit is exceeded. It is not used in any form of compensation of the kappa factor calculation. If a low limit were exceeded, then the kappa factor setpoint would be increased. Feedback from the kappa measurement after the Epo stage is also used

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