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...or mandrel on which the catheter is coiled disappears, enabling the operator to slide it directly into a package, says Daniel Fowler, general manager of S-Y-M Products Co. (Stamford, CT, USA). The operator of the Mini-Winder can change coil sizes without tools, and the speed, number of rotations...

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08.29.2012 : Transfer Loads Rapidly with Low Profile Electric Actuator Slide PF3W Digital Flow Switch for Water News & Events
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Nokia N9 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The system also has 1 GB of low power single channel RAM (Mobile DDR). Compcache uses part of this memory as compressed fast swap.

Google Chrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chrome quickly gained about 1% usage share.[19[24[25[26 After the initial surge, usage share dropped until it hit a low of 0.69% in October 2008.

American Cylinder Co., Inc.
Low Profile Cylinders Tie Rod Cylinders Low Profile LPC-Series Pneumatic Cylinders
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Low Profile, Audio Jack, Low Profile Crystal, Zif Low Profile,...
Low Profile, Audio Jack, Low Profile Crystal, Zif Low Profile, An Audio Jack

Digi-Key Product Index
Flow Switch 2523 , 2560 Fluid 2507 , 2542 Hi-Fi 2376 Low Profile 2377 Micro 2376 - Digital PC Products - Digital PC 3500 -...
Low-profile: 145W, 230/115VAC switch-selectable Short-tower: 200W, 230/115VAC switch-selectable

HP Compaq dc7600 Business PC - North America/U.S. QuickSpecs
2 low profile PCI slots, 1 low profile PCI Express x1 slot, 1 low profile PCI Express x16 slot standard*; 2 full-height PCI slots optional

Altechna ? laser related compotents and technologies
Laser and Passive Q-Switch Crystals Laser Crystals Passive Q-Switch Crystals Cr4.+:YAG crystals
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HDT, Detect By C&K Components
Key Switch Navigation Pushbutton Rocker Slide Snap-acting Switchlock Tactile
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