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  • Sensorless Switched-Reluctance Generators: a Technology Read for Aerospace Applications
    and hydraulic loads used for the past decades cannot efficiently meet these growing demands. The engineering challenges include developing a powerful electric generator that is not bulky and cumbersome. Compactness and low weight is of paramount importance in the aerospace industry. This requirement of high
  • Reciprocating Generator Sets: A Viable Choice in Sustainable Energy (.pdf)
    and will be the mainstay of support in the sustainable energy space. Alternative low energy fuels have been used successfully in a multitude of worldwide installations. including landfills, biogas and wastewater installations. In fact, reciprocating generator sets are a highly efficient power source offering low
  • Pressure Control In a Biogas Generator
     and filtering devices. .  . Search for precision low pressure regulator . George Bevington, the plant manager, began a search for a more precise methane pressure control . strategy and contacted Equilibar with his challenge.   Although the regulator of the proper size (2 inch) . and configuration
  • Winds Of Change Are Blowing For Couplings: Modified CD (R) Coupling Solves High Performance Requirements in Wind Turbines Designed by NEG Micon
    turbine drive train consists of three driving blades connected to the low speed shaft of the gearbox while the high speed shaft connects to the Zero-Max CD Coupling and the turbine generator. Oscillating Loads Transmitted To Coupling. A key component in wind generator drive systems is the coupling
  • Gas Turbine Vibration Monitoring in a Refinery
    - RTD - SDI-12 - Serial Interface - Server Room - Shock - Specialty Loggers - Strain / Force - Temperature - Transport - Ultra Low Temp - Universal Input - USB - Validatable - Vibrating Wire - Voltage / Current (AC) - Voltage / Current (DC) - Weather - WiFi
  • Luggage X-Ray Cooling
    , the chiller is on the rotating gantry near the X-ray generator. As the gantry is rotating continuously at 40 to 160 rpm, the size and weight of the equipment mounted on the gantry are important design considerations. Other design issues include reliability, low maintenance and noise. The RD-30 pump
  • Wheel may fly high
    /epoxy composites for the flywheel's rotor, low-loss magnets for the bearings, high-speed electric motors and generators for energy conversion, and computer algorithms for motion control. This particular flywheel, enclosed in an aluminum vacuum vessel, consists of a high-speed brushless dc motor, upper
  • Flexible gears bolster wind-turbine reliability
    generator. In terms of capital investment, this is the most economical and preferred design -- but large and unpredictable loads often push gearboxes beyond their limits. Downtime and unreliability are two of the main reasons electricity from wind is expensive. Low-speed, direct-drive generators

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