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  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Vacuum Pumps
    and low flow. rates. The principle types of nonpositive displacement vacuum pumps are the centrifugal,. axial-flow, and regenerative designs. Single-stage regenerative blowers can provide vacu-. ums up to 7 in. Hg with flows to several hundred cfm. Vacuum capabilities of the other. designs are lower
  • Controlling Packaging Costs in Food Manufacturing: Keys to Selecting the Proper Sealant (.pdf)
    integrity of the package as is abrasion resistance, so that scuffs in the packing, shipping and. handling process don’t result in tearing. Today, there are essentially seven choices of ethylene copolymer sealants available to food manufacturers. • LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene): Typical uses include bread
  • Medical Device Link . Compatibility of Medical Devices and Materials with Low-Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma A new sterilization technique safely treated about 95% of the materials tested in an average of 75 minutes.
    GAS PLASMA CYCLE The new low-temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma technology system sterilizes in five phases: vacuum, injection, diffusion, plasma, and vent cycles. During the vacuum stage, the chamber is evacuated to 0.3 mmHg pressure. Items to be sterilized, which are typically placed
  • Medical Device Link .
    dispenses low-viscosity epoxy liquids to high-viscosity pastes into cartridges from 4 to 400 ml with ratios of 1:1 through 10:1. Labeling options include bar codes, corporate logos, caution warnings, instructions for use, material content, and serial numbers. Tooling Technology Enhances In-Line
  • Medical Device Link .
    Three models of automatic liquid dispensers are available for consistent deposits of assembly fluids. Each model features an adjustable vacuum pull-back system and analog gauge to prevent dripping between cycles of low-viscosity liquids. Air output pressures of up to 100 psi provide controlled
  • Medical Device Link .
    automated assembly techniques are used in manufacturing, and prototyping services support both small- and large-scale production. Complete engineering design and production capabilities for low-power analog, high-speed digital, fiber-optic, high-voltage, and high-power applications are available. Products
  • Medical Device Link .
    to produce high volumes at low marginal cost. However, the design specification posed a number of challenges: Material compounding. A multi-component polymer matrix and micro powder filler material must be accurately blended to provide good consistency and the correct degree of radiopacity; it also
  • Threaded Fittings
    cause virtual leaks and they joint may contain volatile compounds or elastomeric sealants. Threaded fittings with venting slot and TeflonTM tape seal may be suitable down to 10-6 torr at low temperatures (bakeout <260oC). For very high vacuum (10-9 torr), a clamped or bolted connection with a metal

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