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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
SX6215 Global Industrial Sunex Tools Not Provided Sunex ® Low Vibration Air Reciprocating Saw, Sx6215, 1/4" Npt

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  • Low Coherence Vibration Insensitive Fizeau Interferometer
    An on-axis, vibration insensitive, polarization Fizeau interferometer is realized through the use of a novel pixelated mask spatial carrier phase shifting technique in conjunction with a low coherence source and a polarization delay-line. In this arrangement, coherence is used to effectively
  • PT 102: Low Frequency Vibration Measurements on a Compressor Gear Set
    Frequency Vibration Measurements on a. Compressor Gear Set. The gear set on a critical turbo-compressor was monitored with a. standard industrial accelerometer at very low frequencies. Severe. vibrations at the hunting tooth frequency were found to be amplified. by a compressor surge modulation. Diagnostic
  • New low impact paper
    New Low Impact Paper Coating Technology Vilho Nissinen takes a look at OptiSpray coating technology Over time we have seen a decrease in the trend of paper product prices. In recessionary times, low value products lose their profit marginal quite easily. To achieve good profitability, the value
  • Vibration Isolators Protect Electronics at Low Frequencies
    Negative Stiffness a Big Positive for Vibration Isolation All-mechanical systems shield delicate electronics from low-frequency vibrations and require less space, investment, and maintenance. * Negative-stiffness isolators use mechanical components to keep vibrations from sensitive equipment
  • Low Cost Automation Tutorial: Introduction of Small Motor Characteristics
    ). 90〜1700r/min(60Hz). High accuracy positioning. Stepper motor. Excellent response at low speeds, low vibration. High resolution: 0.72 deg./ step. High accuracy: +-0.05 deg. (no load). Open loop control. Large holding torque. High speed/High accuracy positioning. Servo motor (AC). Excellent response
  • Vibration Performance of Low Cost IMUs (.pdf)
    is the vibration susceptibility of the sensors used in the low cost IMUs, namely the MEMS gyros.
  • Low Frequency Machinery Monitoring: Measurement Considerations
    Low frequency vibration monitoring is an integral part of the total predictive maintenance program. Failure of slow speed machinery can result in catastrophic machine damage, lost production, and worker safety hazards. New generations of sensors, instruments, and analysis techniques are available
  • Measurement And Analysis Of Torsional Vibration
    pulses /sec. Even with a system sampling at 400k samples/sec this has an inherent positional error of 25% per pulse period. Increasing the sampling rate partially improves the situation but of course this will also result in larger data sizes and unnecessary over-sampling at low pulse rates