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  • Headroom in a Surge Protection Device (SPD)
    Ever since the IEEE Std. 587 was released back in 1980, "low clamp voltages" have been keywords in the surge protection industry. Surge Protection Devices (SPD) are marketed to point to this very low clamp voltage in the hope that customers will assume that these must be the best solution
  • Combing GDTs and MOVs for Surge Protection of AC Power Lines (.pdf)
    reference is IEEE C62.41-1991 entitled "IEEE Recommended Practice on Surge Voltages in Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits" (formerly IEEE Standard 587).This standard defines the open circuit voltage and short circuit current waveforms which can be expected to occur on AC power lines of 1000 Volts (RMS
  • Surge Protection Technology Used in Power over Ethernet (PoE) Protection 9.(.pdf)
    and PoE+ in open-air environments are subjected to large surge currents, and protection must be installed to prevent damage. This paper will outline the components, standards and grounding used in PoE protection. The two main standards for PoE are IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at. These standards relate
  • Machine Control Power Quality and Surge Protection
    You may not be able to see them, but power anomalies that originate within your automated control system are costing you expensive downtime. Your automated production equipment has a low tolerance for poor power quality, especially if it is controlled by a PLC(s). Improper grounding can account
  • Alltec Protection Pyramid
    and away from equipment and structures. After providing a stable grounding system, it is important to properly install a transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) system, such as our PowerTrip (R) line of TVSS products. Only then, is equipment truly protected from both open and short circuit
  • Silicon is Silicon is Silicon...Not!
    ) and VPL (Voltage Protection Level) for the system voltage it will be operating on. The MCOV must be high enough to allow for nominal increases (15 to 20%) in the operating voltage yet the VPL must be kept low enough to protect the sensitive load. Typically, low voltage cells are used for their higher
  • Data Line Protectors (.pdf)
    be protected against overvoltages that can exceed 1500 V and surge currents up to 50 A. Data Line Reference Circuit Figure 3.57 shows how a SIDACtor device is used to protect low voltage data line circuits.
  • The ABCs of Littelfuse Multilayer Suppressors (.pdf)
    . What circuit or component requires protection and, therefore, to what level must the transient be suppressed. Multilayer Suppressors are most often applied to low voltage (<50VDC) systems on power supply, signal, or control lines in order to suppress ESD, EFT, Surge, or other transients
  • When lightning strikes wind turbines
    for lightning strikes. Operators of wind-turbine installations (WTIs) of course want to minimize downtime and repairs. So well-designed surge protection is a necessity for this equipment. WTIs have a lot of technology crammed into a small space. A transformer station inside the tower adapts the generator

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