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  • Development of an Integrated Miniaturized Multi-Ion Flow Cell System for Water Quality Measurement
    DC power supply ( 12 to 22 volts , square wave signal compared to piezoelectrically driven pumps which need about 100 V). 3.5 ml minm' which is higher than silicon type micropumps Simple to operate Chemical inertness 29.5 mm long x 29.5 mm wide x 25 mm high Low maintenance, and Low... ...Injector Hydrodynamic injection is based on the principle of intermittent pumping; a fixed volume of sample is...
  • Ultrafast carrier relaxation dynamics in single-layer cuprates
    ...∼ 24 nm, much longer than the deBroglie wavelength of carriers at the chemical potential (∼ 2... Pump -pulse energy and energy densities as low as 5×10− 12 joule and 9×10−8 joule/cm2 , respectively, were used. The . pump-pulse contains ∼ 2×107 photons. Assuming an absorption of ∼ 10%, in the illuminated volume this corresponds to approximately 1×10−7 of the... ...including electronics and scattered light) allowed us to detect voltages as small as 3 × 10−7 volts .
  • Automated Chemical Control of H2S Content of Natural Gas
    ...volume of the chemical feed pump up and down, and has electronic high and low set points. The output of the chemical feed pump is controlled by the actuator. ...This device is used primarily to measure the gas flow and or to control the gas volumes . It can handle 12 spare analog inputs. This device is powered by a 12- volt solar system.
  • Study of a smart polymer medical device, product development obstacles and innovative solutions
    The pump and components discussed in this paper are all designed with high volume manufacturing processes in... Material development, actuator design, chemical system design, control system, electronics, software and mechanical system design, were all addressed, many times by invention and many times in parallel paths in order to get the final pump design completed and working. ...SPIE Vol. 8343, 83430I · © 2012 SPIE · CCC code: 0277-786X/ 12 /$18 · doi... ...unique aspects of the device and polymer actuator are high resolution accuracy (10µl), low power use ( 3V... ...actuator needed to have a strain rate of 100% within 60 minutes using 3 volts of power.
  • (Z, Z )-6,9-Heneicosadien-11-One: Major Sex Pheromone Component Of Painted Apple Moth, Teia anartoides
    ...7,9-heneicosadien-11-one (E7E9-6-ol-11-one-21Hy) occurred at low quantities in pheromone... ...were carried out with an Agilent 1100 LC/MSD (G1946D) equipped with a binary pump , autosampler, thermostatted column... ...with 3.5 µm packing) fitted with a guard column (2.1 × 12 mm) consisting of... The injection volume was 0.1 µl for both synthetic standards and pheromone extract. ...range and time, respectively, were 100–400 amu and 2.82 sec, with the fragmentator at 200 volts . Samples were processed by atmospheric pressure electrospray (APES), atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI), and atmospheric pressure photo...
  • Design and Testing of Inexpensive Water Capture Devices for Water Quality Assessment
    In this case, it also allowed for a relatively low cost and repeatable technique. ...90% of this water was discarded to the drain system; this water was pumped out to a... Valve calibration was important to assure the precision of the volume routed into the barrels. ...the laboratory for any desired water quality parameter; i.e. biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, nitrates... The Power supply The power supply for the pump was provided by two- 12 volt direct current (DC), deep cycle batteries connected to a 2000-watt Chicago Electric Power Systems DC-AC inverter to convert 12V (DC) into 120V alternating current (AC).
  • New devices and chemicals
    A selection on Stromversorgungsger / iten as well as the volt hour integrator VH-1 vervollst/indigen the... Still electrophoresis- chemicals , e.g., Pharmalyte come different agarose-types calibrating-protein-S-/-itze, Sephadex IEF, as well as a coarse selection to it at 12 pH-intervals on to share-Zubeh6r. of instrument S.A. GmbH (head stretcher 68, 8025 Unterhaching) increases by low sample amount the... This Signalstabilit / it is reached while the sample volume in the sample space fibers is always held a pumping system at the same level.
  • Direct Chemical Injection and Small Volume Returnable Container Technology
    ...tank capacity of minibulk systems was too large for pesticides that required the low use rates and... Small Volume Returnable Containers Pesticide in SVR containers can be removed by hand pump , electrical pump, or air pressure (Figure 1). The electrical pumps are generally diaphragm pumps and are available as 12 dc or 110 ac volt systems (Figure la). They measure air along with the chemical and require frequent calibration since the viscosity of products changes...
  • Injection and fluid handling system for machine-vision controlled spraying
    ...with the carrier flow on the suction side of the pump before the chemical injection point to... The existing injection system monitors flowrate on the pressure side of the pump ; however, with the bypass... ...Great Plains Industries, Inc.) and found to be within one percent agreement over a 76 liter volume . Nozzle activation Three-way solenoid valves ( 12 VDC, 10 W, 689 kPa, 2.4 mm orifice, Model... The lowest valves on the trailer used 15º, 3.8 l/min flat fan spray nozzles (Teejet No... Distilled water resulted in a conductivity sensor reading of 0.006 volts .

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