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  • Creative Edge Master Shop, Inc. - Fairfield, Iowa
    change ratios. Connection points are standard 60,0000 psi-type. The Dual Pressure Valve is pneumatically operated and must be used in conjunction with another normally closed on/off valve or cutting head. "We have also found that materials that require lower pierce pressure also cut well at lower
  • Pneumatics boosts manufacturing efficiency
    solenoid voltages; short circuits on sensors, outputs, and valves; and open-loads that indicate a missing solenoid coil. A handheld HMI with text display plugs into the CPX valve terminal, simplifying configuration and diagnostics. The unit permits commissioning without a fieldbus master or PLC
  • DeviceNet TM Group 2 Slave Firmware for PIC18 with CAN
    note only focuses on a specific development of the software known in the specification as the Predefined Master/Slave Connection Set. To be even more accurate, this application note only presents a slave node within the Predefined Connection Set, also referred to as a Group 2 Slave. AN877, DeviceNet
  • Intelligent fieldbus positioner
    efficiency and reduce running costs. GENERIC BENEFITS Whether the protocol is Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus PA, the fieldbus offers significant benefits over traditional 4–20mA systems. The lower initial expenditure, achieved through reductions in cabling and I/Os, also impacts on engineering
  • Medical Device Link . An Essential Tool in Quality Control
    result in "higher failure rates and lower output," she says. "Today, you have no alternative but to prove the quality of your product." Industry's move toward outsourcing and contract manufacturing has also contributed to a demand for testing equipment, according to Mark Curtis of Vision Engineering
  • Medical Device Link .
    are expensive, thus, this helps to keep part cost lower. Surface structures of submicron accuracy. Single point diamond turning (SPDT) can be used to cut aspheric form accuracies on metals of less than 100 nm and achieve surface roughness of less than 1 nm Ra. This process has evolved into micromilling
  • Using DeviceNet TM and Ethernet in Industrial Environments (.pdf)
    message always has access to the bus in the event of a data collision. DeviceNet further defines message priorities such that I/O messages are given top priority and. configuration messages have lower priority. It operates on a client/server basis and allows peer-. to-peer data exchange (where
  • Medical Device Link .
    , along with compression ratios lower than those typically used for plastics. Injection accumulator pressure is fed directly through a high-response servo valve. The servo valve is controlled by a RISC multiple-processor architecture consisting of two 32-bit and two 16-bit microprocessors