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  • From Lubricants to Packaging Materials: ARS Scientists Just Say "No " to Petroleum
    additives, says Erhan, offer many benefits and, to date, no downside. "You can use them with either biobased or conventional lubricants, " she points out. And the novel additives meet all the standard criteria for a top-notch, antifriction, antiwear additive, namely, impressive viscosity and liquidity
  • Lubricant Failure = Bearing Failure
    and liquid contamination, and reduces bearing noise. A properly lubricated bearing has the best chance of reaching its maximum service life. As with bearings themselves, there are numerous causes for lubricant failure, including: Insufficient lubricant quantity or viscosity. Deterioration due to prolonged
  • Molykote (R) Synthetic Oil Extends Lubricant Lifetime by 57% in Air Compressor Application
    Molykote® Synthetic Oil Extends. Lubricant Lifetime by 57% in. Air Compressor Application. Smart Lubrication™. COMPARATIVE TEST DATA. Plant Lubricants. Additive package extends fill interval. Molykote® L-1246 Synthetic Compressor Oil performed nearly two-thirds. to >12,000 hours. longer than other
  • Selecting a Lubricant for Ball Screws and Acme Lead Screws
    the viscosity needed to provide an adequate film thickness throughout a specified range of operating temperature, speeds and loads. Special additive packages can improve a greases natural ability to resist water wash out and reduce wear in the presence of shock loading and vibration. Other additives can improve
  • Using Connector Lubricants for Warranty Reduction (.pdf)
    , aerospace, appliance, computer,. “valleys,” the lubricant coating continues to protect the contact. and telecommunications industries confirm that lubricants. from environmental and fretting corrosion. protect electrical contacts from wear and corrosion, a common. asperities touch (Figure 1
    009;Unfortunately, exposure to gamma radiation has a negative effect on the appearance of flexible PVC. While physical properties and viscosity remain unchanged, immediately after sterilization the material tends to darken or yellow. Compound darkening is autocatalytic, and continues after
  • Investigation of Lubrication Regimes Using Ultra-Low Contact Pressures
    cSt. The second was a synthetic oil composed of polyalphaolefine (PAO) with a base viscosity of 6 cSt, to which two additives were added: The 'Irgalube 63' additive contains dithiophosphate and is used as an extreme pressure, anti-wear additive for industrial lubricants and greases. The 'Irgalube
  • Bearing Lubrication - Types, Methods, and Shelf Life
    , and the ingress of contaminants. Lubricants used in rolling element bearings should have the following characteristics: Maintains a stable viscosity over a broad range of temperatures. Good film strength that can support loads. Stable structure that provides for long service life. Non-corrosive

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