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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
84530 Radwell Lincoln Electric Controls & Indicators, Temperature & Process Control CONTROLLER LUBRICATION SYSTEM
WMC11110869 Radwell Trabon Lubrication Systems Controls & Indicators, Temperature & Process Control CONTROL AUTOMATIC LUB SYSTEM 115 VAC W TIMERS ETC.
525200010 Radwell Trabon Lubrication Systems Controls & Indicators, Temperature & Process Control VALVE R-2 REVERSER POSIFLEX HIGH VOLUME W/CYCLE SW

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  • Bearing Lubrication
    Instrument bearings can be lubricated with oil, grease, or dry films. Synthetics are used most widely for instrument bearings. Petroleums also are used for their excellent lubrication properties under heavy load and high-speed conditions. Silicones are not true oils, but are listed
  • What Does Self-Lubrication Mean?
    Q: "What Does Self-Lubrication Mean? A: For Polygon's PolyLube TM fiber-series self-lubricating bearing, a proprietary form of PTFE is used. In the form PTFE is used in the PolyLube TM fiber series bearings, lubrication occurs via the film transfer process. As the shaft rotates under normal cycling
  • Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical Processing Applications: Tablet Press Lubrication
    applications to reduce the compression force during tabletting, to avoid product buildup on the tablet press tools (dies as well as punches), and to make the tablet surface smooth. Control of the precise amount of lubricant into the process is critical to the overall product quality. If too much
  • Using Infrared Spectroscopy for the Determination of TAN and TBN in Machinery Lubrication Oils
    This paper explores IR spectroscopy as an. alternative method for measuring TAN and TBN values, using a three-step process of library building, sample classification, and multivariate regression techniques. The authors present the principles of IR spectroscopy as it relates to TAN and TBN
  • Grease Plating
    MicroGrade Grease Plating is a proprietary lubrication process that is ideal for bearings used in ultra-low torque applications and is only available through AST Bearings.
  • Is Moisture Absorption A Problem With Composite Bearings?
    that as a thermoplastic bearing is cycled; the lubricants migrate toward the surface to achieve film-transfer for the self-lubrication process. As this migration happens, the resulting resin matrix is left fully mechanically loaded in the bearing assembly, but without the lubricant media
  • Lube-for-life journal bearings
    to embed allowing the film transfer (lubrication) process to continue unabated. The pin (mating surface) before and after PTFE film transfer begins. During break-in, PTFE fills valleys on the shaft. Once the process is completed, the coefficient of friction stabilizes and bearing wear practically
  • Medical Cleanroom Plastic Molding
    Dicronite dry lubrication is effective for lubrication and mold release on medical cleanroom molding process. Key attributes include non-contaminating, non-flaking coating and biocompatibility for the coating material.

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  • Encyclopedia of Lubricants and Lubrication
    – The diester basestocks have been specially adapted for the lubrication of the French tur- bojet ATAR due to the loss lubrication process of one of the bearings.
  • Encyclopedia of Tribology
    The key question is what role do these molecules play in the lubrication process and surface protection?
  • Dictionary of Industrial Terms
    Lubrication Process stability: Used here to characterize the performance of the measurement procedure in terms of the frequency of analytic runs having medically important errors (f) that invalidate the medical usefulness.
  • ASTM MNL37 - FUELS AND LUBRICANTS HANDBOOK: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing
    ...Lindsey Barnes, and Glenn M. Webster Chapter 20—Lubricating Greases Thomas M. Verdura, Glen Brunette, and Rajesh Shah Chapter 21—Mineral Oil Heat Transfer Fluids John Fuhr, Jim Oetinger, George E. Totten, and Glenn M. Webster Chapter 22—Non- Lubricating Process Fluids: Steel Quenching Technology...
  • Advanced Tribology
    According to the model, the dynamic film governed the running process if the dynamic film is enough thick, the lubrication process belongs to hydrodynamic lubrication (HDL) or EHL; whereas as the total films reduced to the nanometer scale, the film properties were...
  • Tribology for Scientists and Engineers
    Elastohydrodynamic (EHD) lubrication is a subset of hydrodynamic (HD) lubrication in which the elastic deformation of the contacting solids plays a significant role in the HD lubrication process .
  • Tribology in Manufacturing Technology
    Well- lubricated processes like wire drawing and deep drawing present friction coefficients between 0.05 and 0.15 while severe processes like hot rolling and hot forging may present coefficients up to 0.4.
  • Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants
    Wilson, T.C. (1970) ‘Oil Mist Lubrication Process and Novel Lubricating Oil Composition for Use Therein’.