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  • The Truth About Lumen Ratings
    If you've ever researched LED lighting, it's almost certain you've crossed paths with the term "lumen." Lumens, quite simply, are the standard unit of measure used to describe light output. And, because light output is generally one of the major factors people use to evaluate LED lights, many
  • Raw vs. Effective Lumens
    LED lamp output values (Lumens) can vary dramatically depending on which values are being quoted. The following information may assist selecting the right product for the right application. There are inherent losses associated with any lamp (LED, Halogen, HID or Incandescent). The main losses
  • Medical Device Link . Resin Meets Critical Needs of Dual-Lumen Catheter
    When a company decides to redesign a product after 14 years of production, the smart move would be to look for advice from customers, staff, and even materials suppliers. In redesigning its Mahurkar dual-lumen catheter, Kendall Sherwood Davis & Geck (Mansfield, MA) did just that. The catheter
  • Medical Device Link .
    Spotlight on Tubing & Related Equipment A proprietary extrusion process makes it possible to vary tube ID, OD, or wall thickness, as well as the configuration, number, and location of lumens, without the use of adhesives or secondary operations. The firm's equipment can make the transition from
  • Medical Device Link . Electronic Pressure Control In Medical Tubing Extrusion
    ) have become smaller, resulting in diminished wall thicknesses. Many new medical procedures call for multiple lumens, often with these same reduced--or even smaller--ODs. To provide access to the lumens, it may be necessary to profile, or taper, the tubing. When finished, the tubing must pass rigorous
  • Green Energy and CAST Lighting
    low voltage (12-volt) lighting.??. Selection of lamps with highest possible lumen efficacy (lumens/??watts). Selection of lamps with longest possible life.??. Luminaire design to maximize luminaire efficiency. ??('emitted lumens' / 'lamp lumens'). Luminaire design to minimize light trespass
  • Thermal Design Considerations for High-Power Single-Chip LEDs
    With advanced high-power packaging technology, large-area chips offer a number of advantages over arrays, according to Bob Karlicek, John Graff and Dave Sciabica.For general illumination, conventional LEDs are desirable for their high efficacy and color-changing capability, but low-lumen output per
  • Medical Device Link .
    Noncontact lumen-locating technology and hoop-force measurement equipment take out some of the guesswork The manufacture of medical-grade tubing and associated assemblies is not a simple matter. Fortunately, equipment suppliers continue to find ways to automate, and in the process simplify
  • MICRO: Industry News
    of cost per function, it 's cost per lumen. And instead of transistors per chip, it 's lumens per watt. That 's our efficiency: how much light do I put out for every unit of energy I put in? " Chase says. "That 's our Moore 's Law. It 's called LED efficiency. " Light-emitting diodes, of course

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