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  • Using a Digital Potentiometer to Optimize a Precision Single Supply Photo Detect
    that influence the circuit. photosensing configuration, a photodiode (in the. performance of each mode are the photodiode. Photovoltaic mode) is used to capture the. capacitance (CPD) and the photodiode leakage current. luminance energy from a light source. The effects. (IL), as shown in Figure 3
  • Medical Device Link .
    scatters light out of the specular direction. Diffuse reflection can be separated into Lambertian and haze reflection. Lambertian is the sum of reflections in all directions, while haze reflection is the intermediate state between specular and Lambertian. The luminance of haze is proportional
  • Soluble Narrow Band Gap and Blue Propylenedioxythiophene-Cyanovinylene Polymers
    were then. converted to L*a*b* values which are reported along with the relative luminance (%Y =. Y/Y0 x 100) as a function of potential. Relative luminance offers an accurate measure of. the perceived transmissivity of a material across the entire visible region according to the. natural