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  • Predicting Truck Tire Problems with the Thermal Image Inspection Station (TIIS) in the Lab and in the Field
    Computer system The computer system, designed for rugged use, is a Pentium III PC housed in a lunchbox -style case and running Windows NT version 4.0 at 600 MHz.
  • Compact holographic optical neural network system for real‐time pattern recognition
    ...of 10,000 neurons can be trained typically in less than five minutes on a personal computer . 4.3 Compact Lunchbox Demonstration System The attache- case HONN system was further reduced to a lunchbox-size system see Fig. 9 .
  • View Single Post - In-Win Dragon Slayer Case -
    Posted: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 13:41:31    Post Subject: In-Win Dragon Slayer Case Tired of carrying your massive desktop computer to LAN parties? Our editor, Garfi3ld, must have been when he got his " lunchbox " Shuttle computer.
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology - M cover, postcard, label, Christmas card, poster, cigarette package, picture frame, lighter, cassete case , kimono, kimono sash... Lunchbox , tableware, etc. Logic circuit (communication device, personal computers , etc); bypass capacitor (TV, radio, VCR, etc).
  • Computing platform options and trends in automation and control
    Hand held computers are ideal for remote monitoring and data logging applications in which the user cannot, or does not, want to carry around the larger and heavier notebook or luggable/ lunchbox computers . • sturdier cases (rack mounted, NEMA or IP ratings, etc.); .
  • ECSCW 2009
    ...god – I can get all of those chocolate bars for the kids lunchbox or whatever, they’re... She then scans this onto her computer and uses this to-scale outline as the ‘canvass’ for... Not all (especially ‘amateur’ designed) fonts have a full alphabet of upper and lower case letters.
  • Insights into the intrinsic and extrinsic challenges for implementing technology education: case studies of Queensland teachers
    Case study 1: Celebrating with food Name of Teacher: Larry Design challenge 2: Your task is to design a lunchbox and create your design using junk materials. He believed that technology referred to ‘‘ computers and things electrical’’, and commented that he was ‘‘not...
  • Design for Innovative Value Towards a Sustainable Society
    ...perspective [9], or, from a design perspective, Ekuan Kenji’s 1998 The aesthetics of the Japanese lunchbox [10]. For instance, a wonderful case in point: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, or the 3Rs— a striking, poetic, self... ...not materialized, in fact, paper use has increased exponentially with the introduction of computers and inkjet printers.
  • Minimal Surfaces Extend Shortest Path Segmentation Methods to 3D
    (e) and (f) A lunchbox shape with a handle on the top and a medial contour input. Fortunately, for use in computer vision, all complexes likely to be of interest (e.g., the 6... ...dependence of feasibility on the underlying complex is analogous to the shortest path case (3), in which...
  • Material culture studies and creative teaching of commodity geographies
    smartphone/tablet computer 2) plastic waste 3) bananas 4) medicine pill 5) cotton clothing (figure 32). al. 2012): ‘What would you say to the person who picked the banana in your lunchbox ? ...and tested techniques to a wider range of practitioners via a shared database of case studies, principles, .
  • Fake it to make it
    ...pressure from entrepreneurs and corporations to treat IP with care, as was the case in the industrialisation... Unlike its high-margin mainframes and mini computers , IBM decided its best chance of breaking into the... Compaq’s oversized lunchbox machine attacked a market that IBM had failed to address: that of portable machines.
  • Leonardo¿s Choice
    Mitchell suggests that the case implied that repeated solicitations to ‘nature’ were necessary before rewards are forthcoming... slapped it on a plastic lunchbox , and now you’re selling it�? (quoted in Mitchell, 2007, p. 139). Like Hammond, who says “if you want to do something important in computers or genetics you don’t...
  • Video “Reading�? and Multimodality: A Study of ESL/Literacy Pupils’ Interpretation of Cinderella from Their Socio-historical Perspective
    ...the plot, songs, scripts and the associated consumer products such as backpacks, clothing, lunchboxes , children books, etc. The immediate problem is that Hispanic pupils, in many cases , have difficulties internalizing aspects of the dominant... ...commodities, including toys, video games, graphic labels on children’s food packages and outfits, computer games, cartoons and...
  • A Few Wrenches Short of a Toolbox
    ...mechanic-type work” is in some cases becoming obsolete and getting replaced with computer and diagnostic-based... “Some of the older people in our case tend to migrate to the lower skilled jobs... ...out of the trunk of his car and totes around a toolbox that doubles as a lunchbox .
    The return to labour is higher in the second case because the ingredients are also produced by... If computers are used to purchase food, a proportion of their value should also be included. ...consumed the meal and whether it was eaten in the home or outside (e.g. a lunchbox ).