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  • Hollow Cylinder Specimen Preparation: Cohesive Materials
    The LVDT / RVDT / conditioner system used in this study had a noise level of approximately 0.1% of the full scale (10 V) range of the sensor.
  • CR4 - Thread: Need Help To Size A Generator
    You might be interested in: Power or Line Conditioners, Enclosure Air Conditioners, LVDT and RVDT Signal Conditioners .
  • New Products
    The MDTR-352L is a new single- channel digital panel/meter signal con- ditioner for LVDT or RVDT -type trans- ducers designed to offer significant fea- tures and improvements over earlier models at the same price.
  • LVDT
    The Ectron Model 451 is a unique advance in conditioners for LVDT * and RVDT * transducers.
  • New Low Voltage LVDT Signal Conditioner Designed For Use In PLCS And Vehicular Testing Systems
    Pennsauken, NJ - Macro Sensors, a sensor company specializing in the manufacture of LVDT-based linear position sensors and gaging probes, introduces a new single channel, low voltage signal conditioner that supports any standard LVDT , RVDT and VRT half-bridge sensor.
  • New Products
    A new two-tire current-output signal conditioner is designed to operate most a-c LVDT - or RVDT -type transducers in industrial or process-control settings The IEMICAS-0251 transmitter gives a 4-20-mA current-loop output and can be used …
  • New Products
    A new current-output signal con- ditioner has been designed for operat- ing almost any a-c- LVDT -, or RVDT - type transducer in an industrial or process-control application.
  • Alliance Sensors Group to Develop Specialized LVDT Products
    This has allowed Alliance Sensors Group to design and build signal conditioners that work with all different types of LVDTs , LVRTs, GE “buck-boost” LVDTs for gas turbines, half-bridge pencil gaging probes, and RVDTs , rather than only satisfying markets where they …
  • Advances in Electrical Engineering and Electrical Machines
    [12] Sylvan, J.: Monolithic signal conditioner simplifies displacement sensing. Electron. Eng. 62(759), 41–46 (1990) [13] Yassa, F., Garverick, S.: A multichannel digital demodulator for LVDT / RVDT position sensors.
  • Experiments for calibration and validation of plasticity and failure material modeling: 304L stainless steel.
    The displacementgage employed LVDT 's and RVDT 's. The signals were processed with three TestStarAC conditioners .
  • Signal Conditioning System
    UAB - Universal Digital Signal Conditioner and Controller … amplifier / digitiser is a very flexible digital signal conditioning system, in an OEM modular PCB format, for use with a wide range of sensors and transducers, including volts, amps, temperature, frequency, speed, load, force, pressure, torque, LVDT , RVDT and many more.
  • A novel DSP-based LVDT signal conditioner
    [5] J. Sylvan, “Monolithic signal conditioner simplifies displacement sensing,” Electron. Eng., vol. [6] F. Yassa and S. Garverick, “A multichannel digital demodulator for LVDT / RVDT position sensors,” IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits, vol.
  • A DSP-based modified Costas receiver for LVDT position sensors
    [4] J. Sylvan, “Monolithic Signal Conditioner Simplifies Displacement Sensing,” Electronic Engineering, Volume 62, Issue 759,pp. [5] F. Yassa and S. Garverick, “A Multichannel Digital Demodulator for LVDT / RVDT Position Sensors,” IEEE Journal of Solid-state Circuits, Vol.25, No. 2, pp. 441 - 450, April 1990.
  • Automatic test bench for the measurement of the magnetic interference on LVDTs
    [2] R. S. Weissbach, D. R. Loker and R. M. Ford, “Test and Comparison of LVDT Signal Conditioner Performance,” Proc. 17th IEEE Instrumentation Meas. [3] F. Yassa, S. Garverick, “A Multicahnnel Digital Demodulator for LVDT/ RVDT Position Sensor”, IEEE Journal of …
  • 3B17 Datasheet
    Signal Conditioners • Accepts LVDT or RVDT Input .