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  • Medical Device Link .
    filter housings, luers, IV connectors and accessories, spikes, y sites, check valves, pumps, catheter adapters, and caps and funnels for blood filters. Magaziner adds that Cyrolite Med shows no deterioration following sterilization at typical gamma or E-beam radiation levels; it also withstands EtO
  • Analytical techniques
    ) is based on a Reed contact with a magnetic piston seated in PTFE. The lower switching point is set to 250 l/h. If flow falls below this rate, the status signal Fault is output. Check valve Through a check valve (10) between the pump and the fine filter both zero gas and test gas can be released
  • El Paso Stripper/Cooling Tower HRVOC Analysis (.pdf)
    . Pt = Total pressure, atm. Q = Sparge gas flow rate, cc/min. q = Water sample flow rate, cc/min. Gas In. Gas In. P. P. R = Gas Constant = 0.08206 L – atm / g-mol - ºK. i i. T = Temperature, ºK. S = Gas solubility, ppmv / ppbw. = (H-1) * 18.01 /M /1,000. H = Henry’s Law Constant for VOC gas, atm-mol
  • Medical Device Link .
    Smart Products specializes in components for low-pressure and low-flow applications, the company's business strategy is anything but low profile. After almost doubling in capacity in 1999, the supplier of check valves, fittings, and pumps has announced the addition of a cleanroom to its facility
  • HRVOC Analysis (.pdf)
    = Temperature, ºK. S = Gas solubility, ppmv / ppbw. = (H-1) * 18.01 /M /1,000. H = Henry’s Law Constant for VOC gas, atm-mol/mol. Test Setup. Speciation Module. Dual El Paso. Strippers. HRVOC Analyzer. VOC-in-Water. Concentrator. •Sparger Recovery Tests. •Method 301. •MDL Tests. PID Response to Isobutene
  • Backpressure Characteristics of Modern Threeway Catalysts, Benefit on Engine Performance (.pdf)
    SF1020 flow bench equipped with an. euro 4 emissions level as function of technology. internal calibration system is used to measure. improvement through years. backpressure. The results from this system have. previously been correlated with two other Delphi devices. P G M r e q u i r e d t o a c h i
  • Medical Device Link . Coagulation testing
    , "Antithrombotic Therapy Following Heart Valve Replacement," Thromb Hemost, 78(1):382 385, 1997. 20. Andrew M, Becker D, Becker R, et al., "Novel Whole Blood Prothrombin Time (PT) System Yields Accurate Results by Patients Self-Testing at Home," Haemostasis, 26(3):426, 1996. 21. Ansell JE, Patel N
  • Case Study
    h-ScientificDust-40-45:C-Masters_old h-ScientificDust-40-45:C-Masters_old 10/8/07 11:18 AM Page 1. Reprinted from Powder and Bulk Engineering, October 2007. Case history. West Coast Cosmetics, In the past, operators in these rooms. Chatsworth, Calif., a con-. wore masks

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