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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LSAG15R200S2 PLC Radwell Iko Machine Parts, Bearing BALL SPLINE COMPACT 13MMOD 200MM LONG
LBF40 PLC Radwell Thk Machine Parts, Bearing BALL SPLINE
024526500A PLC Radwell Burgmaster Machine Parts, Shaft & Shafting SHAFT DRIVE SPLINE FEMAL
LSAG6 PLC Radwell Iko Machine Parts, Shaft & Shafting SHAFT LINEAR BALL SPLINE
022650103A PLC Radwell Burgmaster Machine Parts, Pulley & Sheave SLEEVE SPLINE SUPPORT
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  • Smooth Moves
    Talkative tank-filling systems, servocontrolled veneer slicers, and spline algorithms are just some of the topics covered in this motion-control reference guide Edited by Leland E. Teschler The controller for a shape sawing machine from USNR Corp., Woodland, Wash., employs a cubic spline
  • Medical Device Link .
    for mass-producing machined parts, the unit supports drilling, thread cutting, external and internal turning, facing, and contour turning. The machine accepts bar diameters of up to 80 mm, while 100 mm is possible by customizing the system. A smaller version of the machine, the MC 726 MT/ Compact, accepts
  • A recipe for A Slick Design
    Low-friction coating technologies help designers improve the "touch " of mechanisms. Edited by Jean M. Hoffman Ergonomic investigations for vehicles in the design stage often begin with a programmable vehicle module. The PVM is a precision machine outfitted inside and out to look and feel like
  • CAD/CAM Hall of Fame welcomes, FEA, Nurbs innovators
    analysis (FEA) to engineering. The CAD/CAM Hall of Fame is sponsored by , a sister publication of MACHINE DESIGN. Its first year, the Hall of Fame honored Dr. Ivan E. Sutherland. Considered a pioneer in 3D CAD modeling, he created his famous Sketch-Pad system at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Medical Device Link . Mapping Human Anatomy from MRI Data for Improved Product Development
    of products and prevent redesigns. Anatomical models produced from MRI data can also be used to design prostheses. An abnormal structure, such as an amputated limb, for example, can be scanned by an MRI machine and modeled in a CAD program. By comparing the amputation model to a model of a whole limb
  • Hybrid Linear Actuators: Technical Overview
    shaft is installed along the axis of the rotor. A popular choice for the leadscrew material is stainless steel, which also offers some corrosion resistance. For the most part, the type of threads used are machine threads (such as a #10-32) which may be of single or multiple starts depending
  • Medical Device Link .
    of producing internal and external polygon forms on the end of a workpiece is performed while the machine spindle is rotating. A supplier of turning tools, Slater Tools Inc. (Clinton Township, MI, USA; has expanded its line of Swiss-type adjustment-free rotary-broaching tool holders
  • Medical Device Link .
    this system, she adds, because the machine can be easily adjusted to accommodate the product's final specifications. "And once the product has been designed, delivery time for the assembly system can be as little as three months.". Norbert Sparrow. sortimat Technology, 2242 N. Palmer Dr., Schaumburg, IL

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