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  • Motion Control
    with integrated servo amplifiers and on board memory for stand alone or macro execution. FAULHABER also offers the BLD series PWM servoamplifiers are designed for 2 to 4 quadrant speed control of FAULHABER three phase brushless DC-Servomotors. For control of FAULHABER brush type coreless DC micromotors and motor
  • Computer Power User Article - Road Warrior
    video camcorders. The N90 will be able to take still photos and video and will include videophone, autofocus, macro, and flash capabilities. The phone will also have a reduced-sized MMC expansion card slot and Bluetooth networking to help round out its digital abilities. The tri-band, dual-mode N70
  • Manipulating Distortion Out of Your Image
    to the macro configuration and wide angle of the lens, distortion has been introduced into the image. This distortion must be taken into account in order to make accurate measurements.
  • Computer Power User Article - Digging On Digicams
    digital). There are five white balance presets, exposure compensation from -2 to +2, and ISO settings from 100 to 400. Macro mode did a respectable job down to about three inches (a plus for nature shooting). You can choose from center or average metering, although the average mode doesn t show an icon
  • High Speed Imaging of Small Objects
    . Challenges: Optics required - Traditional Microscopes, Long Distance Microscopes. The amount of magnification varies by application. Some objects can be easily resolved with a commercial 105mm macro lens, while others require a high-power, traditional microscope. For applications that cannot be viewed
  • Bruno Independent Liiving Aids Improves Work Processes With FFD'S LockStep & Sequence Software
    was promoted to the newly created position of Process Improvement Specialist. “About five years ago, this new position was created to standardize the work process,” Ruder says. “At the time, we used work instructions software with a Microsoft Word macro overlay. It was very tedious and had
  • Medical Device Link .
    of standard probe heads and styli. "While the video and touch probe are ideal for dimensional measurements on a macro scale, the laser allows for surface profiling and scanning at a micro level," says Eric Gesner, the company's corporate product manager. All sensors are calibrated to a common reference
  • Medical Device Link .
    to the high-resolution images, annotated atlases can also be displayed at the same time, enabling simultaneous views of macro and microscopic structures from the same imaging set. (click to enlarge). Rendering combined with CT imaging enables visualization down to the cellular level, as demonstrated