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Parts by Number for Mag Flow Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MAG5000 PLC Radwell Siemens Not Provided FLOW INDICATOR, ME6910-1AA10-1AA0(SIEMENS)
MAG5000 PLC Radwell Siemens Building Technologies Not Provided FLOW INDICATOR, ME6910-1AA10-1AA0(SIEMENS)
MAG6000 PLC Radwell Danfoss Not Provided FLOW METER
E96PHA PLC Radwell Foxboro Controls & Indicators, Signal Conditioner/Transmitter TRANSMITTER MAG FLOW PIPE MOUNT 10 TO50MADC 120V
MG911F5 PLC Radwell Transmagnetics Sensors & Switches, Flow Meter SENSOR TURBO MAG-FLUX 360PSIG PLATINUM ZIRCON OXID
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  • City of Geneva Case Study: FPI Mag Flow Meter Improves City Water Operations
    flow velocity for each pipe size. down to a minimum velocity reflecting very low flows. FPI Mag - Meter Performance and Bi-Directional Once the meters were installed, Geneva and McCrometer. Capability. Accuracy was critical to meeting Geneva’s worked together to confirm the calibration in the field
  • T-Mag Sealless Pump Solution
    Customer had an existing centrifugal in this application. I was not able to identify it due to the rusted tag. He was looking to use one of our competitor's mag pumps for this application, which would have cost twice as much as the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump. He wanted a sealless pump solution... T-Mag
  • Full Profile Insertion (FPI) Mag TM Flow Meter Solves Tight Installation Challenge
    ). Full Profile Insertion (FPI) Mag TM. Flow Meter Solves Tight Installation Challenge. By Sven Jensen. Project Manager, METCO Services, Inc. Michelle Christie. Associate Product Manager, McCrometer. The Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant is a major facility in the City of Detroit 's water distribution
  • T-Mag Pump Cools Negative Perceptions
    . The customer purchased the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump (TM6MC/PC/VT/135/ZZ) over similar competitors units due to a number of reasons: • The perceived quality of a pump with the T-Mag name. • The zero flow dead head capabilities of the T-Mag was a major selling feature, as it gave him additional
  • Full Profile Insertion (FPI) Mag TM
    The High Lift Building at the Lake Huron. Water Treatment Plant is designed with. nine large input feed lines. During a recent instrumentation retrofit project,. the plant's engineers needed to assess. alternatives to an existing annubar flow. meter. The existing annubar meter was located. outside
  • Flow Meters in Hydraulic Fracturing
    on accuracy. The AW Gear Meters JVS series gear meter has been time proven for chemical injection both off and on shore and is installed in hundreds of locations around the world. Our MAG-PB sensor is encapsulated to protect against the environmental conditions and can be easily integrated with any
  • Optimize HVAC and Process System Efficiency by Matching Your Plant and Processes To The Right Flow Measurement Technology
    with a “Mag. Meter”. Velocity times area yields the volumetric flow. Key Questions To Ask. rate. These devices have no moving parts and do not. obstruct the flow stream. They are accurate in. When optimizing plant HVAC systems or process. conductive liquids or slurries flowing into a full pipe
  • Novel Manufacturing Technique Produces Parts Lighter and Stronger than Aluminum
    . MAG components are made at temperatures 50 to 100 F cooler than die-cast parts. At these temperatures, the magnesium flows almost like a thermoplastic, with a controlled, laminar flow. Part weights range from about 4 lb (a large electronics enclosure, for example) to under 0.5 lb (a housing

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