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  • Because This Isn t Hogwarts
    Prophet. In the recent movies, this newspaper becomes 3-D while photos and authors can jump out of the page to speak in person. As exciting as that would be for , magic is apparently not allowed in the Muggle world. While we unfortunately cannot offer you all of our resources in a print format, we
  • Medical Device Link .
    It seems like an idea conjured up using movie magic. But while a thin flexible-display version of a newspaper was featured in the 2002 sci-fi thriller, Minority Report --set in the year 2054 --the concept isn 't just a novelty in a Steven Spielberg film. Rapidly approaching the transition from
  • RFID Battles the Elements
    By Paul Thomas, Managing Editor Understanding how the elements might impact RF signals takes a bit of black magic, since little hard data exists, notes Bert Moore of IDAT Consulting (Atlanta). Often, the product is the problem. Geritol, he says, is not RF-friendly because of its high iron
  • FDA's Chris Watts on New Directions for PAT at FDA
    with EMEA, meeting with EMEA and discussing PAT with them. On more than one occasion, PAT has been the specific subject of meetings. Tell me about E55. Helen Winkle had, at one point, talked about extending E55 to cover pharmaceutical manufacturing more broadly. I don t think we re looking
  • IR Camera: Public Relations Tool
    Tri-State G & T Association provides electricity to its 44 electric co-ops owners. They, in turn, service more than 500,000 meters representing over 1.5 million customers. Our department's infrared camera is used as a 'public relations' tool. By bringing the camera to a member co-op and using
  • Multimedia Coverage at a Heartbeat
    are in Mumbai checking email at an Internet kiosk or at the Magic Kingdom Business Center surfing the web while your children fly Space Mountain for the 37th time. As we strive to improve our digital media capabilities, with the help of Scott Babcock, our trusty multimedia producer, our editors were able
  • From the Editor: Validating Process Validation
    the prior guidance in that it: So what was so wrong with the prior guidance? I decided to check the wording of the more carefully. It made me wonder about a few things ....for one thing, where on earth did the magic number three (for the infamous "three validation batches ") come up? It wasn 't
  • Therapeutic Dose: Courting Biotech
    Local, regional and national trade associations were, literally, wining and dining BIO attendees, from a night of sake and sushi with the Japanese External Trade Organization to a wine tasting gala courtesy of Biotechnology Australia. If you weren t having cappuccino with Italians, you were eating

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