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  • Maximize Motor Efficiency with Encoder Feedback
    When comparing all the different types of electric motors currently available; the Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Servomotor (PMBDC) can provide the highest continuous torque density (i.e., torque output per unit volume) along with the highest power efficiency compared to any other type of electric
  • Encoder helps drag bike hook up and go
    Horsepower isn't a problem for the Top Fuel drag bike from Salakazi Racing in Finland. Removing the clutch housing reveals the transmission input shaft. A Renishaw RM22 encoder mounts on the shaft end to measure rpm. Another RM22 goes on the crankshaft end to monitor crank position. The encoders
  • Commutation of a BLDC Motor with Various Pole-Pairs Can Be Simplified By Using Absolute Encoder Feedback - White Paper (.pdf)
    commutation encoders are the preferred feedback devices in today's industry. However, these encoders have some limitations and drawbacks. Hall sensors detect movement of the commutation magnet while the optical commutation encoder senses the movement of the codewheel. The commutation magnet pole
  • Choose wisely
    A variety of factors can complicate the task of picking the right servomotor. This cutaway view of the Danaher AKM Series motor illustrates the overall compact size, high-density torque/volume stator and rotor, bearings, brake, and encoder. All versions of the AKM series are almost identical
  • Measuring the long haul
    use of a metal-tape linear encoder system, a rotary absolute encoder, or laser reflectometer. A relatively new technique is designed to overcome many of the drawbacks these methods entail. It employs a linear profile that is somewhat analogous to the stainless-steel tape used by some linear encoders
  • Getting the most out of servocontrollers
    to a common, reproducible method to tune servos. The most common positioning servomotors in use today are dc brush motors and brushless dc motors, also called brushless PM (permanent-magnet) motors. They are driven by an amplifier which may also commutate the motor coils and, in turn, is driven
  • Medical Device Link .
    simpler than the others, lower in cost, and maintenance free. Three types of rotary step motors are used today: canned-stack, variable-reluctance (VR), and hybrid. Canned-stack, or permanent-magnet, steppers are made with claw-toothed (stamped) parts and with radially magnetized permanent magnets
  • Mix & match for theperfect switch panel
    . Directional switches use a multidirectional armature magnetically held in place. The armature is a single stamped piece of metal with a center contact pad and several outer contact pads. When not actuated, it is held in place by two magnets on either side of the armature. A substrate below the armature

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