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  • Sensor Sense: Hall-effect current sensors
    field, a voltage is induced across the conductor at right angles to the current flow. The strength of that induced voltage indicates the relative strength of the magnetic field. In Hall-effect sensors, current to be measured passes through a shunt path. This path is extremely low resistance, typically
  • Measure Angles on Rotating Systems with High Resolution
    applications integrated encoder ICs, such as the iC-MA, are suitable as it includes all functions to sense and process the rotating magnetic field of the permanent magnet placed on top of the IC. Innovation is provided by a single device, such as the iC-ML which integrates linear Hall sensors and encoder
  • Limited-Angle Torque Motors
    , some stators are laminated and others are solid. Slot-wound LATs exhibit higher motor constant than corresponding toroidally wound types. The primary reason is that a larger number of conductors can be exposed to the magnetic field. In slot-wound LATs, heat is more easily conducted from
  • Measurement Techniques for Incremental Sensors: Encoders, Frequency Counters, Magnetic RPM sensors, etc.
    sort of incremental signal: the sensor indicates the passage of some physically predefined increment of the measured signal. Unlike proportional sensors, whose electrical output continuously relates to the measured signal, an incremental sensor's signal provides information only on the change
  • Accurate Measurement Of Angle Position At High Angular Velocities
    of angular velocity. This paper presents an analysis of a method of accurately measuring a reference position, or index, at high engine RPM's. These conditions are generally necessary in instrumentation for evaluation or control of magnetic sensors used in ignition timing for the purpose
  • Top tips on squelching electrical noise
    is electronic- noise pollution. Industrial devices and sensors must operate reliably in a caucophony of electromagnetic emissions both intentional and unintentional. The key to eliminating electromagnetic noise is to first understand its origin. The right-hand rule relating to electric currents and magnetic
  • Reducing cogging torque in brushless motors
    is a Hall-effect device. The shape of the magnetic flux density in the air gap of an assembled motor is an indicator of its cogging torque. An example are these three curves shown for one pole pair. Each theoretical curve represents different magnetization and pole-arc angles for the same air gap length

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