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  • Magnetic Field Instruments-Image
    Magnetic Field Instruments - (151 companies)
    Magnetic field instruments include meters, gauges, recorders and other instrumentation for the measurement of magnetic fields and/or magnetic flux. How to Select Magnetic Field Instruments. Image Credit: MicroSense, Ohio Semitronics, Extech... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Magnetic Field Sensors-Image
    Magnetic Field Sensors - (74 companies)
    ...wavelength of light. SQUID sensors are very sensitive to low magnetic fields and can measure fields as low as the femtoTesla range. They are used mainly in medical, particularly neuroscientific applications, and have a very wide range of magnetic field... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Magnetic Shielding-Image
    Magnetic Shielding - (49 companies)
    Magnetic shielding includes products and raw materials for shielding instruments and equipment from magnetic fields. How to Select Magnetic Shielding. Image Credit: Mu Metal. Magnetic shielding is designed to protect electrical devices from... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Magnetic Couplings - (15 companies)
    Magnetic couplings are non-contact couplings which use a magnetic field to transmit torque from one rotating member to another. Learn More
  • Magnetic Sensor Chips-Image
    Magnetic Sensor Chips - (42 companies)
    Magnetic sensor chips are semiconductor devices that detect physical quantities using magnetic principles. They are used in mobile communications, attitude sensing and navigation, and the mapping of magnetic fields. Magnetic sensor chips can also... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Magnetic Cores - (71 companies)
    Magnetic cores are doughnut-shaped magnetic materials that are used with inductors, transformers and electromagnets. They are also used as computer memory elements. Magnetic cores are made of metal or ceramic materials that produce a flux field when... Learn More
  • Magnetic Bearings - (14 companies)
    Magnetic bearings use an electromagnet to provide noncontacting, friction-free motion in rotary applications. Magnetic bearings use an electromagnet to provide non-contacting, friction-free motion in rotary applications. They are constructed... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Magnetic Chucks - (35 companies)
    ...and exhibit a constant magnetic field without needing to introduce an electric current. Because these materials are highly magnetized materials, they do not lose their magnetic force. This also eliminates the need for electrical connections, switches... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Magnetic Receivers - (5 companies)
    ...that detects the magnetic fields emitted by a transmitter. Magnetic receivers emit electromagnetic energy that can be detected with electromagnetic detectors. An electromagnetic detector is used to detect magnetic fields. When electrons oscillate... Learn More
  • Magnetic Separator Components - (128 companies) applying an electrical current to a wire mesh or matrix, thereby inducing a magnetic field. When a solution or gas is passed through the mesh, any magnetic particles are attracted to the focus of the magnetic field and are filtered out of the flow... Search by Specification | Learn More
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