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  • UCSC Press Release: Research on earth's magnetic field
    Contact: Tim Stephens (831) 459-2495; Computer simulations reveal workings of the dynamo behind earth's magnetic field WASHINGTON, D.C.--Deep in Earth's interior is a dynamo that creates the planet's magnetic field--a kind of generator driven not by spinning turbines but by swirling flows of liquid
  • Electromagnetic simulation of a low voltage industrial circuit breaker
    the workflow for the electromagnetic simulation of an industrial circuit breaker using CST EM STUDIO (R) (CST EMS). The circuit breaker simulation consists of calculating the current flow as a source for the magnetic field. The force resulting from the magnetic field is then calculated using
  • Earthquake Simulation Using Single or Dual-Axis Linear Motion Stages
    laminated coil assembly moves and the multi-pole single sided. permanent magnet assembly is stationary. There is a large magnetic attractive. force which provides a preload for the bearing system. • Bearings: Linear guidance is achieved by using a 2 parallel linear rail with 4. linear recirculating ball
  • 3D EMC/EMI Simulation of Automotive Multimedia Systems
    in Figure 5a. phone to the car radio tremendously. The basic idea of soldering the ampli-. Significantly reduced magnetic field. fier holder to the PCB GND system by. at the location of filter capacitors. means of a 5 pF capacitor could be ver-. ified by a series of simulations. Final. measurements
  • Combined 3D electromagnetic and spin response simulation of MRI systems
    Modern MRI systems are highly complex devices, and the interaction between the body and MRI coils introduces additional challenges into the design process. The body, with its complicated heterogeneous interior, causes major disturbance to the homogeneity of the magnetic fields, while energy
  • Introduction
    exercises and demonstrations may be implemented using QuickField and MATLAB in a traditional introductory level physics course. This second audience will benefit from the visualization of electric and magnetic field distributions and force calculations without a working knowledge of the finite element
  • Medical Device Link .
    are CE marked and manufactured at an ISO 9001 registered facility. Hall effect sensor works as switch A Hall effect sensor from Micropac Industries Inc. functions as a switch that is activated by magnetic fields. In the presence of a sufficiently strong south pole field, the Mii P/N 65016 sensor turns
  • Camera Captures Spheromak Plasmas
    in the field continues to mature, introducing novel plant designs. And imaging technology has a place in monitoring the performance of experimental prototypes of these designs. First-generation reactors, whether based on magnetic confinement or on laser- or ion driven inertial approaches, would