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  • Pharamaceutical Company Uses Level Sensors to Obtain Accurate and Reliable Measurements
    of the material. This is due to the alignment of the mag-. gives the company improved data and product quality. netic domains within the material with the applied magnetic field. Magnetostrictive level sensors measure the distance between a. Magnetic domains can be envisioned as many tiny permanent. float
  • Critical Leak Requirements in GC/MS, LC/MS and Analytical Instruments (.pdf)
    be applied to the valve. equipment because their leak. When comparing valves with the. rates do not meet equipment. same wattage, you should. specifications. OEMs should. recognize that the design of. check leak rates to ensure the. valves, orifice size, and magnetic. valve can withstand the. materials
  • Leveling the Playing Field
    of continuous level sensors is the greater degree of control and recording capability provided over the entire process range. .  . The simplest continuous level sensors, sight gauges, have been in use for many years throughout various industries.  Certain gauges can be fitted with magnetic floats allowing
  • Medical Device Link .
    and 7.1 cu ft/min and offer a vacuum level of up to 60 Torr, making them suitable for aspirating sticky and viscous substances. Two models are available, with the largest weighing 22.5 lb and having a footprint of Both models are equipped with a dial vacuum gauge to verify that connections
  • Improved Cooling Tower Maintenance: The Cool, Hard Facts
    environmental and operational challenges. The unit 's fan drive systems usually reside within the cooling tower assembly, high above ground level, complicating simple maintenance tasks for tower operators. The tower 's driving fan blades, often exposed to the elements, frequently become covered with ice
  • Introduction to Pressure Transducers
    | Flexible Heaters | Flowmeters | Glass Bulb Thermometers | Grippers | Heaters | Humidity Measurement | Immersion Heaters | Infrared Thermometers | Level Measurement | Load Cells | Magnetic Flow Meters | Panel Meters | Pressure Gauges | Pressure Transducers | Rotameters | RTD | Remote Process
  • The World's Most Advanced Linear Variable Differential Transformer Signal Conditioner
    . Carbon Monoxide Sensors. Catalytic Bead Sensors. Colorimeters. Control Systems. Current Sensors. Data Loggers. Depth Gauges. Dust Detection Sensors. Electro-Optical Sensors. Electronic Nose Sensors. Flame Detectors. Flow Sensors. Force Gauges. Fuel Level Sensors. Galvanometers. Gardon Gauges. Gas
  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    /Transit-Time Ultrasonics. Turbine and Paddle Wheel Flowmeter. Vortex Shedding Flowmeters and Pitot Tubes. Magnetic Flow Meters. Valves. Level Measurement. Pump & Mixers. Instrumentation and Accessories. Sanitary. Tubing. Fittings. pH & Conductivity. What 's New in pH & Conductivity. pH Field

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