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  • A New Sensor ASIC for Changing Magnetic Fields
    with analog gain setting capacitors or resistors. Figure 1. The magnetic sensor ASIC reduces the design and calibration costs associated with more conventional analog devices such as Hall effect sensors. The digital-based circuitry uses an inductive resistor (LR) oscillator to convert sensor signals
  • Low-Field Magnetic Sensing with GMR Sensors
    of these. validation can be based on the magnetic signature of a. applications possible. As with all of solid state. bill passed close to a magnetic sensor. The more. technology, many of the now difficult measurements. sensitive the sensor, the larger the allowable head-to-. will become more commonplace
  • Ten Easy Things to Do with Magnetic Sensors
    Pushbutton. Magnetic sensors can also be used to make updated versions of electromechanical sensors, such as pushbutton switches. In the device shown in Figure 5, not only do the sensor and magnets provide a replacement for the contacts, but they also replace the spring and other mechanical components
  • Sensor Selection for Monitoring Complex Extrusion Gearboxes
    . The bearings of simple machines are often very accessible, allowing the use of magnetic mounting the sensor, thus avoiding the cost of permanently mounting a separate sensor for each measurement location. Microsoft Word - Sensors _2_.doc Sensor selection for monitoring. complex extrusion
  • How to Select the Right Positioning Sensor Solution
    . the emitter coils are activated with a high frequency AC. field and produce an inductive RLC circuit with the posi- to the resonator kCOS and kSIN vary sinusoidally along the. tioning element. The element is inductively coupled with measurement range. Since the sensor coils are balanced,. the receiver
  • Application: Linear Distance Measurement Sensor (.pdf)
    are isolated and. have no physical contact by typically having. the multiple magnets mounted to the rotating. wheel, and the Reed Sensors are mounted. strategically such that the magnetic field of. magnets will be sensed by each reed sensor. during the rotation. • The reed switch used in the Reed Sensors
  • Accelerometer / Vibration Sensor
    transducers, or used as a sensor system or instrument, incorporating features such as totalizing, local or remote display, and data recording. Accelerometers can have from one to three axes of measurement; typically, the multiple axes are orthogonal to each other. These devices work on many operating
  • Mounting Sensor Magnets with Tolerance Rings
    withstand large temperature changes, shock and vibration, and leave the magnetic field relatively unaffected. Finally they must hold the magnet in the correct position for accurate control or precise measurement and be easy to install. USA Tolerance Rings. About USA. What Is A Tolerance Ring

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