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  • Magnetic Particles
    Magnetic particles are fine iron oxide particles with a high permeability (easily magnetized) and low retentivity (ability to stay magnetized). Magnetic particles typically range in size between 0.125 to 60 microns. Three methods are typically applied: dry non-fluorescent, wet non-fluorescent
  • Magnetic Particle System
    Magnetic particle system refers to current flow or an external magnet that magnetizes a part. Magnetic poles created at flaws, cracks, or other discontinuities attract magnetic particles. The magnetic particles are fine iron oxide particles (0.125 to 60 microns) with a high permeability (easily
  • Magnetic Particle Clutch Used in Amusement Game
  • Magnetic Stripe
    What is a magnetic stripe? A magnetic stripe is the black or brown stripe that you see on your credit card, or maybe the back of your airline ticket or transit card. The stripe is made up of tiny magnetic particles in a resin. The particles are either applied directly to the card or made
  • Low-Field Magnetic Sensing with GMR Sensors
    ; the kinds. encountered when looking for geophysical anomalies,. either natural or man-made, various physiological. functions, metal defects, magnetic ink and minute. magnetic particles associated with immunoassay. In. the past, equipment to perform many of these. functions has required a substantial
  • Medical Device Link .
    applications in the area of targeted drug delivery. This article reviews applications for magnetic-particle-based technology, with a focus on the enhanced characteristics of irregular, high-surface-area magnetic particles. Magnetic microparticles are composed primarily of ferrimagnetic materials
  • Low Frequency Magnetic Transmitter Design
    , or a magnetic dipole. One also only gets. magnetic dipoles and not monopoles, as is the case for. electrical particles. A magnetic field can, therefore, be. An antenna approaching this dimension is impractical,. represented by field lines that form continuous loops. but at 500 MHz the wavelength
  • New Technique For Improving Magnetic Recording
    of fine sprays of magnetic powder with a thin lubricant film on top. Two of the parameters involved in the coating are skewness, or symmetry, and kurtosis, which has to do with the distribution of the particles in the magnetic powder. Bhushan and a mechanical engineering doctoral student, Sameera
  • Magnetic Inductive Flow Meters (.pdf)
    , the wire is replaced by. electrically conductive fl uids, as electrically conductive. fl uids have the ability to carry charged particles. The. meter’s solenoid coil produces a magnetic fi eld and. when the charged particles enter the magnetic fi eld they are driven to. the outside of the tube wall
  • Magnetic Fields Weave Rings Around Stars
    , the magnetic field directs the flow of particles streaming off the star in the form of "stellar winds" streams of charged particles that travel about 2 million miles per hour (4 million kilometers per hour). All hot stars have stellar winds, but those without strong magnetic fields release streams