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  • Switch Tips: Float-level switches
    Float-type switches are considered the least-expensive way of monitoring the level of fluid in a tank. They use a buoyant float to gauge a fluid level. In most models, the float carries permanent magnets and encircles a stationary stem. As the float rises or drops with fluid level, the magnetic
  • Condet Proximity Switches
    . The coil produces a high-frequency magnetic field in front of the sensing face; conducting objects brought into this area increase the oscillator circuit losses, which are detected and evaluated by the built-in electronics. Unfortunately, the oscillating circuit is also affected by other, undesirable
  • MICRO: Product Technology News
    and protects the environment from cross-contamination. Impact to the door separates the curtain from its guides. Simply rolling the door up or down using a remote actuator refeeds the curtain into the guides. The LS03 series of compact liquid-level sensors for tank monitoring features magnetic