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  • Innovative Encoders for Demanding Applications (.pdf)
    As tools for measuring rotary motion in machinery, magnetic rotary encoders have a lot to offer. They are compact, robust and relatively inexpensive. For these reasons, simple magnetic rotation detection devices are often used in high-volume applications such as anti-lock braking systems for motor
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Cables, Connectors, and Plugs
    from a high-strength copper alloy withstand more than 1 million bending cycles at a bend radius as small as five times the cable's diameter. Specially designed shielding ensures signal protection from high frequencies and magnetic fields. Elocab Sonderkabel GmbH & Co. KG,. EMDM:May/June 1999
  • Medical Device Link .
    and smooth operation. Angle measurements are obtained by means of a magnetic encoder that offers accuracy and the virtual absence of friction. A programmable output trigger signal is provided to synchronize the data input and to obtain the maximum repeat ability of the impact curve starting point
  • Medical Device Link .
    action is indicated by blue circles with white graphics. These symbols are defined by both their shape and their color. Warning signs must be yellow triangles with a black border. The graphic must be black. Figure 2 illustrates a strong magnetic field hazard. Prohibition signs are white circles
  • Medical Device Link . Standards, Guidelines, and Recommendations
    , chemical shift imaging, or spectroscopy.) Acoustic Noise Measurement Procedure for Diagnostic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Devices (MS 4 1989) One of a series of test standards developed by the medical diagnostic industry for the measurement of parameters governing the safety of magnetic resonance
  • Safeguarding Power Presses with Interlocked Barrier Guards (.pdf)
    are not. SOLENOID-LATCHED. STOP. CLOSED. SAFETY INTERLOCK. easily defeated/bypassed. Their array of multiple reed. SWITCH. switches can only be actuated by a magnetic field pat-. tern matched to the multiple reed switch orientation. Therefore, they cannot be operated with a simple. magnet. However, because reed
  • Medical Device Link . Reducing the Duration of Clinical Investigations
    optically scanning its records. Table II lists the advantages of doing this. Table II. Advantages of optical scanning. Archiving. All electronically created clinical investigation documents are archived on optical-magnetic cartridges for permanent storage. These cartridges are then duplicated
  • Medical Device Link .
    that cannot accept a rigid air filter frame because of obstructions. The magnetic sealing strip eliminates mounting hardware and simultaneously locks the flexible filters in place. The resulting tight seal prevents unfiltered airflow from bypassing the air filter. Each filter is supplied
  • Medical Device Link .
    the valve. Also notable is the SmartSite 's lack of metal components that could cause a malfunction if the valve were exposed to magnetic fields from MRI equipment or other devices. Alaris is currently working on material changes that will permit steam sterilization of the SmartSite. This will set

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