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  • Magnetic Contacts 101 (.pdf)
    with the magnetic contacts is if the reed is closed for years and not opened the reed will magnetize shut. This is highly unlikely. In fact we say it is impossible if you are using a high quality reed switch in your contact. A reed will 'lock up' if that circuit experiences a tremendous electrical surge
  • Hotel Security Card Readers Use Reed Sensors (.pdf)
    . sensor will turn on the electronics, which in turn activates the magnetic strip. Mus. u t. t op. o e. p n. e. n dis. i tan. a c. n e. 5. 25. mm. reader. The strip reader that reads the magnetic strip on the card and if it is. correctly designated, the door lock will deactivate allowing the door
  • Development of Electromotive Force
    discovered the relationship between changing magnetic fields and induced EMF in circuits. If B is the flux density of a constant magnetic field and a conductor is moved through this field at a velocity V, an EMF E is generated in the conductor such that: E=BxV. If the conductor is part of a complete
  • Medical Device Link . Standards, Guidelines, and Recommendations
    techniques and simulation and testing. Possible solutions are also introduced. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems Determination of Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Diagnostic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MS 1 1988) (R1994) Describes test methods for measuring the signal-to-noise ratio performance
  • A Basic Guide: How Feedback Encoder Devices Operate
    state devices which are used to sense or detect magnetic fields. As a magnet passes by the Hall sensor, the sensor’s output changes from “on” to “off”- - it’s a digital signal and the output is either “high” or “low”. The basic Hall assembly illustrated in figure 2 consists of three (3) Hall sensors
  • DC Motor Application Considerations
    Interference (EI). DC motors are a source of electrical as well as audible noise. EMI (electro-magnetic interference) can be radiated by motor terminals and lead wires and may cause problems with other components in the vicinity of the motor. It is also possible for spikes to be coupled onto data lines
  • Motion Control
    to be considered during the design phase. If a motor-encoder combination needs to be positioned a long distance from the controller, the possibility of electro-magnetic interference affecting position accuracy is often overlooked. If space permits, placing the motor and controller in close proximity

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