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  • Insect-O-Cutor
    are lit the same. Lamps are lit by a. power source, a ballast. Depending on the type of ballast (mag-. power source, or ballast. Depending on the type of ballast (i.e.,. netic or electronic), the number of ballasts per lamp or the number. magnetic or electronic), the number of ballasts per lamp
  • Partial Pressure Control in Reactive Sputtering (.pdf)
    Reactive Sputtering is used to produce functional coatings having properties that are suitable for a range of applications such as decorative, wear resistant, optical and magnetic thin films. In Reactive Sputtering a target material (e.g. titanium or aluminium) is sputtered in the presence
  • GCmate TM II Product Brochure
    Magnetic sector mass spectrometers accelerate ions to more than 100 times the kinetic energy of ions analyzed in quadrupole and ion trap mass spectrometers. The higher accelerating voltage contributes to the fact that ion source contamination is less likely to result in degraded sensitivity
  • Mixing of Sterile Ingredients
    . • Equipment may be required to conform to standards such as FDA, EHEDG and cGMP. • Detailed documentation -for example packages to comply with FDA regulations - may also. be required. The Problem. Conventional agitators which are modified to be hygienic, and magnetic stirrers have limitations
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The piston then moves forward and expels the fluid. In this way, accurate flow control can be achieved by controlling either the stroke length of the piston or the piston's stroking speed. A motor-driven eccentric or a linear magnetic drive (solenoid) can supply the reciprocating motion. Piston pumps
  • Single-photon memory
    on the exiting photon matches that which was carried into the second cloud. Success of the experiments depends on careful control of potentially interfering magnetic fields. Stray magnetic fields are a problem because they can make atoms spin out of phase and lose their information. The team hopes
  • Features and Applications of Newly-Developed GC-TOFMS
    mass spectra of the compounds to carry out qualitative analysis. Quantitative analysis can be carried out as well from the peak area of the mass chromatogram of the compound. As a mass spectrometer of a GC-MS system, several types of mass spectrometers are on the market, such as magnetic field
  • Future Computer: Atoms Packed In An "Egg Carton " Of Light?
    traps, each of which could potentially hold a single atom. The design could enable quantum data to be read the same way CDs are read today. They've been able to form about a billion gaseous rubidium atoms into a pea-sized cloud with magnetic fields. Now they are working to move that cloud into position

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