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  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    Acquisition - Based Acquisition Systems - Data Acquisition Systems - Electronic Basics - Data Logging Systems - The RS-232 Standard -------------------------- ELECTRIC HEATER RELATED - Electric Heater Related. Strain Gage Technical Data. Strain Gage Measurement. The most universal measuring
  • Every Millimeter Counts:Right-Sizing for Instrument Cases (.pdf)
    and magnetic field are shown in Diagrams 4a and 4b. An extrusion can be designed to accept panels and covers, sealing cords, mounting panels, or various terminals. This allows a great deal of flexibility in the design and reduces assembly and customization costs. Adding Aesthetics. Aesthetics can
  • AN508 Protecting Signal Lines Against EMI
    or between. voltage. Since the currents are flowing in minimum loop areas, magnetic field the receiver and ground. When this is not possible, isolation of the two circuits. generation is also reduced. The effectiveness of twisted pair wire increases with is a universal way to break the loop. Isolation
  • Grounding Problems - Sources & Solutions
    configuration. for the conductor(s) within. "Anchored " at ground potential, which prevents. it from floating wherever the magnetic or electrical environment may lead. it, the shield serves not so much as a means of walling off noise as to. Frame Ground. simply divide an offending electric field and send part
  • Medical Device Link . Industry news
    , magnetic resonance, ultrasound, computer and positron emission tomography, and nuclear medicine. For more information, contact General Electric Company, P.O. Box 414, Milwaukee, WI 53201, USA; phone: +1 414 5443530; fax: +1 414 5443384. Christ GmbH Collaborates with Pharmatec The recent
  • White Paper: Reliability of Air Moving Fans, and Their Impact on System Reliability
    and the magnetic components which materials is almost impossible. 3. Arrhenius modeling of thermal degradation. a factor of 2 reduction in service life. has been used in the industry for over 60. for every 10°C increase in the max case. years to relate the degradation due to. operating temperature. Many

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