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  • Experimental verification of numerical predictions for the optimum plunger speed in the slow phase of a high-pressure die casting machine
    The position of the plunger face at any time t, X(t), was measured using a magneto - resistive position transducer that generates a digital signal with a resolution of 0.1 mm and a manufacturer-specified maximum error of ±0.1 mm.
  • Monolithic 360 degrees rotary position sensor IC [automotive applications]
    Both types of magnetoresistive transducers (AMR for Ani- sotropic Magneto - Resistance and GMR for Giant Mag- neto-Resistance) are also used for contactless rotary posi- tion sensor.
  • Advances in High Voltage Engineering
    Application(s) all Method/sensor position transducer , e.g.: • auxiliary switch, contactor • electronic proximity sensor • optical sensor dynamic position sensor with analogue output: • resistance potentiometer • magneto -resistive sensor • linear variable differential transformer dynamic position sensor with digital...
  • Robotic palpation system for prostate cancer detection
    This system is composed of a hemisphere tip and cylindrical body (2 mm diameter) probe (Misumi, Japan), a force transducer (Kistler Instrument, Germany), two moving shafts, a... ...key, a motor key holder, a linear position sensor ( Magneto - Resistive (MR) sensor and magnetic...
  • Handbook of Fractional-Horsepower Drives
    ...outputs of the switching Hall sen- sors is not adequate for high-precision position demands as a... Frequently, in these cases high-resolution angle transducers such as resolvers, optical or magnetic incremental transducers or absolute transducers, analog Hall sensors or magneto - resistive sensors are used.
  • Magneto-Optic Tachometers for Automotive Vehicles' Chassis
    ...7, 8, 9 and 10]: variable reluctance (VR); magnetic (magnetoresistive, Hall effect, LVDT); magneto -optic; optic (incremental... As listed transducers need specific signal-conditioning electronics and so they are more sensitive to temperature and... Thin and thick film deposition techniques for magneto- resistive materials seem to be very promising for the development of linear position and angular sensors that can be of the absolute or incremental type.
  • Constrained linearization of embedded position error signals (PES) [magnetic disk storage]
    Several physical factors affect the linearity of embeddddedicated position error signals in a drive. Magnetic and mechanical properties of the head transducer (either magneto - resistive or inductive) usually account for a major part of PES non-linearity (Wallash, et a1 [3], Chew [4], Cooper [5], Simmons [6]).
  • Analysis of a tunnelling magneto-resistance-based angle transducer
    ...133–156 31 Burke, J., Moyhihan, J.F., Unterkofler, K.: ‘Extraction of high resolution position information from sinusoidal... ...217–222 32 Lopez-Martin, A.J., Carlosena, A.: ‘A performance tradeoffs of three novel GMR contactless angle detectors’, IEEE Sens. J., 2009, 9, (3), pp. 191–198 33 Anoop, C.S., George, B., Kumar, V.J.: ‘Tunneling magneto -resistor based angle transducer ’. ...451–455 34 Anoop, C.S., George, B., Kumar, V.J.: ‘A linear tunneling magneto- resistance angle transducer’.
  • Novel architecture for measurements in resistive MEMS sensors
    ...of Miniaturization (New York: CRC Press) [43] Ausanio G, Iannotti V, Ricciardi E, Lanotte L and Lanotte L 2011 Magneto -piezoresistance in magnetorheological elastomers... ...magnetic induction gradient or position sensors Sensors Actuators A... ...signal conditioning circuits for resistive sensors PhD Thesis [45... Transducers 2009 (Denver, CO) pp 1198–201 [49] Partridge A, Reynolds K, Chui B W, Chow E M...
  • A measurement of a magnetic field vector-application of the magneto-birefringence effect by magnetic fluid
    ...the direction of the field, we set three directional sensors at a perpendicular position to each other. The sensors are realized by a set of three orthogonally oriented fluxgate magnetometers, a set of high-T, superconducting mag- neto - resistance sensors or SQUID. Most conventional magnetic sensors are magnetic-electric transducers and are connected with electrical wires to obtain the...