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  • Magneto-Inductive Sensors
    to set the oscillator into its linear region. Directional change in the magneto-inductive sensor causes a shift in the oscillator frequency, enabling the magnetometer to provide directional and navigational feedback.
  • Guide for Selecting a Rotary Torque Sensor: Brush vs. Brushless Models
    approaches to this technology. One approach is to use an emerging technology known as Magna-lastic TM. This technology uses a changing magnetic field to indicate torsional stress. This torsional stress must be measured for variation with the use of a magnetometer. A magnetometer is typically used
  • A New Sensor ASIC for Changing Magnetic Fields
    - March 2000 - A New Sensor ASIC for Changing Magnetic Fields. A New Sensor ASIC. for Changing Magnetic Fields. The first commercially available improvement on fluxgate magnetometer technology in. more than 90 years has found its first applications in compasses, although the technology. can be used