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Magnetostrictive position transducers are non-contact, absolute reading, and have essentially infinite resolution. The non-contact nature of this technology means that there are no rubbing or sliding parts to wear out, and assures an unlimited service life for the position transducer. High...

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America to switch from potentiometers to Micropulse linear-position transducers from Balluff Inc., Florence, Ky. These noncontact, industrially hardened transducers provide continuous, absolute position and velocity feedback to three hydraulic cylinders, each with an 18-in. "throw " range. This allows...

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: controller, proportional valve, actuator, and axis interface. The axis controller provides processing, comparing, and diagnostic functions. It sends positioning control signals to the valve, which supplies air that moves the actuator to a preprogrammed stop position. A transducer reads actual position...

Show More with a magnetostrictive displacement transducer from MTS Systems Corp., New Ulm, Minn., which can interface to a synchronous serial interface port on the computer to measure linear position of actuators such as hydraulic cylinders. The contrasts between a cubic and fifth-order spline become...

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  • LVDT, Half Bridge and Digital Transducer Theory
    ○ Distributors LVDT, Half Bridge, and Digital Transducer Theory Magnetostrictive Technology The position of the core within the body is detected by coils wound on the bobbin.
    Inherently accurate, Micropulse magnetostrictive sensors are ideal for linear position mea- surement on X-Y tables, cutoffs, machine tools, stamping presses, die casting machines, wood processing machin- ery, and plasticdrubber molding machines. 9 Structure Optimization 8 International Distributors Wanted 8 TML Strain Gages, Transducers & Instrumentation .
  • Understanding Non Repeat
    ○ Distributors LVDT, Half Bridge, and Digital Transducer Theory Magnetostrictive Technology … gauging probe by gently lifting the tip and allowing it to gently return to its start position .
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the production
    … filter 309 Gaussian frequency-Shift-Keying method (GFSK) 644 building automation 653 building distributors (GV) 504 risk … I / f- transducers 427 I component 44, 666 Ident number system 568 IEC norm 12, 14 … … 66, 67 121-magnetic 121 photoelectric 121 inductive to storage egel circuit 680 position control 682 position … … meters (MID) 186 force of magnet 715 Magnetoelastisches principle 55 Magnetoresistive RAMS 452 Magnetostrictive path measuring sensor …
  • A Bibliography on Magnetostrictive Delay Lines
    The exchange consists of a system clock, pulse distributor , magnetostriction delay-line scanner, link controls, two-way … … design principles and test results of an experimental time-com- pressor which used magnetostrictive dclay lines as … … magnetostrictive delay lines, constructed on the bnsis of a multivibrator with two equilibrium positions triggered by pulses … Wire-type acoustic delay lines using magnetostrictive transducers , acoustic lines using 1) liquids and 2) solids as …
  • Automated Insert Tools
    ▪ LVDT, Half Bridge, and Digital Transducer Theory ▪ Magnetostrictive Technology ○ Distributors … often fitted with a torque sensor to indicate when a component is pushed or screwed into position .
  • Profile analysis of complex curves, such as airfoils
    ▪ LVDT, Half Bridge, and Digital Transducer Theory ▪ Magnetostrictive Technology ○ Distributors Although the tolerances within the blade were tight, the position of the blade in free space could …
  • A High-Performance Magnetostriction-Sonic Delay Line
    5sec DISTRIBUTOR DELAYLINE Fig. 19 - Multiplier using magnetostrictive delayline. Mechanical impedance-match between transducer element and delay element Difficult,requires ground and lapped reflectors accurately positioned .
    The energy is dispersed from the transducer via a titanium horn. … of tests repeated the high frequency testing done at Argonne, but used the magnetostrictive sonicator (325w) with … In the laboratory model used at the Furness- Newburge facility, a distributor produces up to 8000 volts … For all the underwater plasma tests, the sparking device was fixed in position in the base of …
  • Handbook of Modern Sensors
    An example of such a device is an automobile distributor . A circular magnet is positioned above the chip and its angle of rotation and direction is sensed … 8.4.8 Magnetostrictive Detector A transducer which can measure displacement of an object with high resolution across long distances can be …