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  • Replacing Linear Encoders with Magnetostrictive Sensing (.pdf)
    Designing with Magnetostrictive Sensors opens many options. This article explores how Design Engineers are increasingly finding that magnetostrictive linear position sensors can replace their encoders in applications while improving productivity and cost of ownership.
  • Magnetostrictive Level Technology in Sanitary Processing
    from a magnetostrictive material. Contact vs. Non-Contact. Liquid Level Measurement. Myths: The two largest myths for processing. the liquid for the most accurate measure-. engineers considering magnetostrictive. ment. While resting on top of liquid, the. sensing technology are: float cannot
  • Magnetostrictive Position Transducers in Medical Applications
    increments can be as fine as the electronic interface will support. A typical magnetostrictive linear position transducer is shown in figure 1. It comprises an electronics head, a sensing rod, and a position magnet. The sensing rod is normally stationary, and the position magnet is attached
  • Magnetostrictive Level Sensors by David Nyce and Adrian Totten
    of magnetostrictive sensors to level sensors of other technologies is also included. Theory of Operation. A magnetostrictive level sensor measures the distance between a float (product and/or interface) magnet and. the electronics head end of the sensing rod. See figure 1. The float/s magnet has ample clearance from
  • Sizing and Applying Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
    position sensors of other technologies is also included. Unknown Temposonics®. R. Magnetostrictive Linear-Position Sensors. SENSORS. Sizing and applying Magnetostrictive. 551045 C. Linear-Position Sensors. Technical Paper. Sensing Rod. Position. Electronics. (Pressure Housing). Magnet. Housing (Head
  • LVDTs for Position Sensing in Hydraulic Cylinders
    . LVDT mounted inside of a hydraulic cylinder. The. piston rod has been gun-drilled to accommodate the. We compete with magnetostrictive and potentiometric. LVDT housing, with the core assembly affixed inside. transducers for this application. In displacement. the drill hole. As the piston moves
  • Sensors Reference Guide: One Sensor, Multiple Targets
    this return time corresponds to the worstcase situation for a single magnet sensor. Thus it takes no more time to sense multiple magnets on a magnetostrictive sensor than to sense a single position. And a multipleposition sensor uses the same basic magnetostrictive sensing technology
  • Magnetostriction: Basic Physical Elements
    contactlessness of. Weiß areas by the influence of an external parallel magnet. the position-determining magnet and the sensing element (wave-. guide): contactless measurement ensures wear-free operation. throughout the long sensor lifetime. The magnetostrictive effect, as an interaction of magnetic

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