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  • Magnetostrictive Position Sensors-Image
    Magnetostrictive Position Sensors - (24 companies)
    ...system, and damping module. Magnetostrictive Position Sensor. Image Credit: MTS Magnetostrictive Sensor Principle. Typically, the waveguide wire is enclosed within a protective cover and attached to the device that is being measured. Applying a current... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Linear Encoders-Image
    Linear Encoders - (267 companies)
    ...magnetostrictive, magnetoresistive, and inductive.  An optical linear encoder uses a light emitter and receiver. Magnetostrictive encoders determine displacement or strain from the change in state of the magnetic field generated by a ferromagnetic... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Linear Position Sensors-Image
    Linear Position Sensors - (752 companies)
    ...medium. Inductive, Hall Effect, magnetoresistive, magnetostrictive, and variable reluctance sensors measure the disruption of magnetic fields. Linear potentiometers produce a resistance output proportional to an object's displacement or position... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Hookup Wires-Image
    Hookup Wires - (296 companies)
    Specifications. When selecting hookup wires, buyers should consider specifications about the product's conductors, insulation and rated voltage. Conductors. A cable conductor consists of a wire or combination of wires that are not insulated from each... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Electrical Power Wires-Image
    Electrical Power Wires - (633 companies)
    ...or residential applications. They are used to make power cords, but do not include end-connectors. Multiconductor cables contain two or more conductors, each of which consists of a single wire or a combination of wires. To prevent electromagnetic... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Litz Wire - (40 companies)
    Litz wires are constructed of individually insulated magnet wires that are either twisted or braided into a uniform pattern to minimize power loss. How to Select Litz Wire. Image credit: PACK; Zureks; New England Wire Technologies Company. Litz wire... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Wire to Wire Connectors - (76 companies)
    Wire to Wire Connectors Information. Wire-to-wire connectors are used to connect two wire-terminated connectors. They are used as electrical connectors, electronic connectors, and computer connectors. General specifications for a wire-to-wire... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rotary Position Sensors - (212 companies)
    ...because, unlike potentiometers, they do not rely on direct electrical contact due to their use of a magnetic field. Disadvantages of using Hall effect sensors include potential interference from nearby wires or other magnets. Variable inductance... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Bare Conductor Wire and Cable - (339 companies)
    ...widely used electrical conductor in wires and cables. Clad steel conductors consist of a steel core fused to an outer shell of aluminum or copper. Conductor Size. Round conductor size is measured in American Wire Gauge (AWG) in the United States... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Wire Terminals - (290 companies) assembly. Solderless connectors are wire terminals that provide an electrical connection between two components without permanently soldering them. They are tiny connectors with wires that can plug into a connector housing and can be removed when desired... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Conduct Research their fingertips. Intelligent, agile material-based actuators are giving it to them and even anticipating their desires. Although shape-memory alloys (SMAs), piezoelectrics, and magnetostrictive materials have been in practical use since the middle of the 20th century, engineers are finding new ways to work...

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  • Developments and Innovations
    Position Sensor manufacturer ASM has introduced an IP67 magnetostrictive non-contact position sensor (see Figure 1) featuring absolute position output. ...developed sensor, designated Posichron, consists of an easily mounted profile containing a magnetostrictive wire , and a non...
  • Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III - Chapter 36: Non-Destructive Evaluation
    This test result indicated that the magnetostrictive guided wave technique can be used to inspect broken wires of bridge cables. The loading test was conducted in the FASTEN Co., one of the biggest manufacturer ofbridge cables in...
  • Advancements in Electric Machines
    The shape memory wire is actuated by passing current through it and heating it to about 750... The highest power density is for magnetostrictive , piezoelectric and voice coil actuators (VCA). Improvements in motor capabilities have already helped medical device manufacturers bring some products as portable instruments and...
  • Good Positioning
    For example, offering only a three- wire output option (power, signal and ground) rather than the standard... All in all, the evolution of magnetostrictive sensing is not unlike the computer industry. Sensor manufacturers hope, for their sake, progress doesn't happen at the same rate!
  • Analog and digital feedback for magnetostrictive transducer linearization
    Terfenol-D was the magnetostrictive material used in this study because of its relatively large strains and... The manufacturer grows the ciystals so that when solidified, most of the magnetic domains are oriented perpendicular... place a rod of the material down the bore of a wound wire electric solenoid, thereby...
    The necessary information is generally avail- able from the gage manufacturers . If the instrumented test article is magnetostrictive , dimensional changes caused by mag- netic fields represent real and... The gage foil or wire may also be magnetrostrictive.
  • Automated (Robotic) Manual Transmissions
    ...functions of an automatic transmission, along with weight reduction and higher efficiency, many manufacturers are considering conversion... MTS magnetostrictive sensors have the unique ability to measure not only the extending or retracting linear motion... That ability reduces the number of sensors needed, reduces the wiring , and reduces the number of input...
    Furthermore, the pump manufacturers are investigating the “grading�? of the stacked pump sections so as to obtain... ...must be weighed against a practical.operating life (like throwing a coil of wire rope onto the... ...pressures of many kilo-psi; a ruggedized sonar type depth meter, piezoelectric or magnetostrictive , also used as...
  • Monitoring steel strands via ultrasonic measurements
    The strands examined in this study were seven- wire steel components with manufacturer 's specified Young's Magnetostrictive transducers were used for the generation and the detection of guided stress waves in the test...
    Precision wire -wound 2 V Permendur ( Magnetostrictive material Component Manufacturer .